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Radhnath Swami and Kumi Yogini.

Tuka, my yoga guru, therapist, friend, mentor and cheerleader is a charismatic, six foot one priest and martial arts fighter. In 2010, he recommended that I read Radhanath Swami’s first book The Journey Home. I’m usually a pretty slow reader so I figured it would take some time. To my surprise, I was immediately hooked after the first paragraph. Two days later I had finished the book.

The Journey Home is an autobiography about an American Swami who, although born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, eventually finds his home in India. His long and arduous journey to the Motherland has many obstacles, twists, and turns. It feels like you’re reading about the Indiana Jones of Yoga! His story is filled with action-packed adventures, living in caves, near death experiences, and accounts of meeting some of the most spiritual and inspirational people of our time.

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Kumi Yogini with Radnathan Swami


The Journey Within (a New York Times Best Seller) is the long-awaited sequel to this enlightening autobiography. It is an eclectic compilation of spiritual wisdom, universal truths, and short stories that cleanse the heart and purify the mind. In addition, Radhanath Swami has eloquently combined teachings of the world’s many spiritual traditions into one easy-to-follow path of love and devotion. He takes time to answer some of life’s most important questions including: Who am I? Who is God? How does one live spiritually in a material world? His insights are practical, concise, and quick-witted.

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The first chapter hit me deeply. The opening line starts with this thoughtful quote, “If you want to know how rich you are, try to find how many things you have that money cannot buy.” As I began to read on, I soon noticed that my reaction to one of the characters abruptly shifted from harsh judgment to deep pity. The mind is a powerful tool that can work for us or against us at any given moment. Much of our perspective is tainted by our own consciousness. The teachings of Radhanath Swami helped me recognize taint from truth. He has a special gift of shining light in places we need it and cleansing the mirror of the mind. He also offers many simple solutions to some of life’s most complex challenges. This book will open your heart and guide you gently toward a more conscious and compassionate approach to life.

If you are a spiritual being, seeker of truth, or lover of life this book is a MUST! Yogis, mystics, teachers, healers, activists, philosophers, environmentalists, vegetarians, please don’t wait another moment! Pick up this book and begin your… Journey Within.

Kumi Yogini, E-RYT is the Owner of Veda Yoga in Culver City.