Anyone familiar with Camilla Sacre-Dallerup’s first book, Strictly Inspirational, will recall her journey from European TV fame to being a thriving internationally renowned hypnotherapist, life coach, and meditation teacher. She is no stranger to reinvention. Suze Yalof Schwartz, owner of Unplug Meditation even calls Camilla “The Queen of Reinvention.” Camilla’s second book, Reinvent Me, is a vehicle for her cleverly designed self-help program for self-transformation.
Camilla’s contagious enthusiasm comes through in the writing as she shares the details of her personal journey as well as the stories of others who have made their way through the stages of successful reinvention.

Reinvent Self-Help with Camilla

Reinvent Me is broken down into sections designated by the acronym of R-E-I-N-V-E-N-T, consecutively guiding the reader to identifying their unique passion and purpose, helping create clarity, balance, and excitement around what could otherwise be considered the daunting task of reinvention.
You’ll have to pick up a copy of the book to get the low-down on each step, but the process takes us from: Recognize where you are and where you need to go all the way to: Transformation – embracing the “new you.” Like an ally and friend to the reader, Camilla thoroughly addresses the major barriers and challenges that come along with every step, including fear of failure, impatience, financial blocks, relationship issues, and busy schedules. There isn’t much she leaves out of the equation!
Camilla’s approach to the book, the program, and the exercises she includes is flexible and comfortable. She encourages people to read at their own pace and even skip around through the book, depending on where they find themselves in the process of reinvention.
This flexibility is somewhat surprising considering Camilla’s famous dedication and precision in her longtime career as an athlete and professional dancer. This is a practical, touching, light-hearted but powerful guide that uses tools like affirmations, meditations, goal-setting, and self-inquiry for anyone looking to reset, recalibrate, and reinvent themselves.