Book Review: Shortcuts to Mindfulness: 100 Ways to Personal and Spiritual Growth

by Cathering Auman, LMFT

Green Tara Press

In this fast-paced world, many of us don’t have the time to relish this journey of life. We are overworked, underpaid, and disconnected. This can cause dis-ease. However, we can push the reset button by utilizing some of the techniques offered in Catherine Auman’s Shortcuts to Mindfulness: 100 Ways to Personal and Spiritual Growth.

Reading this short collection of mindful essays is like embarking on a spiritual journey, awakening on a meditative trip, and diving beneath the surface and rediscovering the relationship between oneself and the universe. 

Auman’s writing is inspiring, and moment by moment, regardless of circumstances, can elevate the reader to a psychological state of awareness through her expertise on spirituality, relationships, love, tantric sex, and self-development.

For example: I’ve personally benefitted by using the technique Auman suggests to use the breath to induce feelings of blissfulness. I’ve been able to use this to ease myself out of difficult situations, or to just enjoy the moment and be completely present.

The inspiring stories in Shortcuts to Mindfulness make it one of those books you gift to a friend, recommend to a relative, or prescribe to a client. It is both spiritual and practical, focusing on life-challenging applications of mindfulness with easy-to-implement and excellent tools for dealing with anxiety, depression, and stress.



Reviewed by Collette Gee, certified neurolinguistic practitioner, violence prevention specialist, and holistic relationship coach, who helps men and women create and sustain healthy relationship patterns and behaviors: