Let Go and let God. Ishvara Pranidhana. Kneel before the Lord. Surrender to Source.

Different forms of spirituality or religion emphasize the importance of surrendering to something greater than yourself with the promise that when we choose to follow the lead of a Higher Power, our lives will open in ways we never could have imagined.  

In The Surrender Experiment, Michael Singer describes his early decision to do just that. This fascinating read chronicles Singer’s journey in rural Florida as a young hippie, yogi, teacher, builder, and massively successful entrepreneur. Singer describes numerous situations where he had to consciously choose to surrender his opinions and beliefs and act as life was guiding him. Singer let go of the reins and let himself be taken for a ride.   

His story unfolds like a fairy tale with new situations and eccentric characters showing up at exactly the time that they are needed in order for the author to learn whatever he is meant to learn. Throughout, I reflected on my own life and noticed how many things have seemed to fit into a divine plan.

The first half of the book is about the author finding his spiritual groove and his experiences with yoga and meditation while the second half of the book addresses Singer’s business experiences. All in all, The Surrender Experiment is a great story about a man who has led an amazing and inspiration life of surrender whose words have touched millions.  

Crown Publishing/Penguin Random House

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Reviewed by Paul Teodo, a LA-based yoga and meditation teacher and musician. He teaches on the Westside and leads sound healing practices: ajourneytocenter.com. @teodoyogaguitar