Linda Sparrowe offers insight to creating a better home yoga practice in her latest book.

Calling all yogis with (or those wanting to create) a home practice: This beautifully inspirational book offers us an intimate look beyond the walls and into the sacred home spaces created by a number of beloved teachers. Acclaimed author, Linda Sparrowe, collects insight from more than 50 influencers spanning the yoga and meditation community, including Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Sianna Sherman, Krishna Das, and Richard Freeman. There is a vibrant authenticity to the book, with the colorful pages conveying a warm sense of welcome from such empowering, creative teachers.

Linda offers suggestions for a few notable components of a home practice: the space itself, tools and props, and importantly, the practice. When it comes to home practice, a recurring emphasis in the book in found two simple words: it’s personal. From the sacred space you create, to the practice that emerges on your mat, it is critical to honor that it will look different for each individual. The voices in the book echo that sentiment and encourage readers to explore their own methods of creative expression, while sharing what works for them.

Some of the most common practice advice found throughout the book encompasses the following: consistency, playfulness, spontaneity, and gentleness. Whether yin or yang, sunlight beaming or candles lit, one minute or one hour, inside or outside, your practice is your own and it is ever-changing. This book provides the inspiration to embrace getting to know yourself deeply. Kudos to Sarah Keough for her exquisitely breathtaking photography! For more information, visit

Book Review
Yoga At Home: Inspiration for Creating Your Own Home Practice
by Linda Sparrowe
Universe Publishing

Reviewed by Serena Deeb, world-traveled professional wrestler, Santa Monica-based yogi, animal lover, and avid adventurist. Twitter: @SerenaDeeb