Ram Dass Becoming Nobody

A film exploring enlightenment with humor and self-acceptance

Becoming Nobody is a feature-length documentary that dives into American spiritual teacher Ram Dass’ quintessential wisdom through authenticity, humor, and pure humanness. This film is a collaboration between director Jamie Catto, producer Raghu Markus (who is also the Director of Love Serve Remember Foundation), and Google Empathy Labs. The viewer is given access to perspectives that can change their life through the story of Ram Dass’ own evolution from “somebody” into “nobody.”

Being “somebody” can be analogous to wearing a suit that doesn’t quite fit, that is a bit tight and naggingly uncomfortable. But we wear it nonetheless. When Ram Dass was “somebody” he achieved the expected societal accomplishments: impressive college degrees, a high-profile job, status symbol cars, and more. Then he took that first psilocybin trip, which started the process of the diminishment of ego. Becoming Nobody is about taking off the suit in order to discover and transform to our true selves. When we strive for authenticity, others will feel safe to do so as well.

Ram Dass Becoming Nobody

Maintaining an Attitude of Openness

The lessons shared in Becoming Nobody do not suggest that we must become completely ‘nobody’ or abandon our human-ness. Rather it is a process that includes remaining open and curious, and developing the Witness that observes the drama. Part of this process is to remain open and curious and to witness yourself in your drama. We all wear different masks for the dramas of life. As we learn to strip away the masks, we find our hearts and minds becoming open to every part of the play of life. For Ram Dass, practicing and maintaining an attitude of openness to it all remains an essential element of the lesson for us in shedding our masks and becoming ‘nobody.’

Powerful Conversations in Becoming Nobody

One of the most striking moments in Becoming Nobody takes place during a conversation between Ram Dass and Jamie Catto. While Jamie shares his struggles with his own masks, Ram Dass’ soft blue eyes see right into Jamie. We are immediately drawn into that intimate connection. This beautiful exchange visually illustrates how seeing beyond the masks can unite us. It takes us outside of the self-centered “me” and into the communal “we.”

Jamie Catto and Ram Dass Becoming Nobody

Jamie Catto and Ram Dass

Our Journey of Becoming Nobody

Ram Dass’ timeless teachings offer welcome shifts in perspective that cultivate curiosity and desire for this path to discovery. With loving humor, compassion and kindness, Ram Dass guides us away from our self-judging minds to show where our ego is hiding us from our deeper, truer selves. Ultimately, we are encouraged to explore our own journey from ‘somebody’ to ‘nobody.’

Becoming Nobody film poster

See the Film Becoming Nobody

Becoming Nobody opens on September 6. Look for it in theaters in NYC, LA, and San Francisco. Learn more at: becomingnobody.com

Ram Dass filming Becoming Nobody

For more information about Ram Dass’ teachings: https://www.ramdass.org