Jeffrey Brown’s latest film, SOLD focuses on the topic of child sex trafficking.

Child sex trafficking, as impossible as it seems, is a massive international problem affecting an astounding 5.5 million children each year. There are “more slaves in the world now than at any other time in history,” says director Jeffrey Brown. His new feature SOLD humanizes the travails of a young sex slave with the portrayal of her capture and life within an Indian brothel.


Lakshmi’s Story

The movie is based on Patricia McCormick‘s best-selling novel of the same name, which was compiled from true stories and written for the young adult audience. SOLD follows 12-year-old Lakshmi as she is lured from a rural village in Nepal and held captive in a rough brothel prison in India. Lakshmi displays extraordinary determination in her efforts to escape captivity, and through her eyes, the film convincingly evokes the inside workings of a brutal and inhumane slavery system.

Gillian Anderson and David Arquette play the American reporters who come to Lakshmi’s eventual rescue. The rest of the cast—comprised of esteemed Indian actors and actresses—also give authentic and powerful performances.


A Possible Solution

The filmmakers behind SOLD wanted to make a cause-based narrative that shows hope and a possible solution to child sex trafficking. Their mission is to spread global awareness and to raise funds for organizations that rescue and rehabilitate survivors. Fundraising will support the iRest Program to assist, which helps victims of trafficking  to heal through A Coversation with Richard Miller, Founder of iRest (iRest®), providing them with tools that foster health, healing, resilience, well-being, and empowerment.

SOLD will be playing in Santa Monica at Laemmle Monica 4 from April 8 through 14:

Karen Henry
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