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Brilliant Disguise Shares How K.C. Tewari Influenced a Generation

Brilliant Disguise is a feature-length documentary that tells the life story of a humble Indian man, K.C. Tewari. K.C. Tewari was not a household name, but he helped influence the spiritual paths of multiple generations as well as the influx of Eastern spirituality in the West today.

The film gently unfolds as the viewer is shown the stories of Westerners who visited with K.C. Tewari in India in the 1970s. During the counter-culture revolution of that time, Ram Dass and other Westerners made their way to India and met a handful of exceptional beings who changed their lives forever. One of those was the famous Indian guru, Neem Karoli Baba. What many people don’t know is that before Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaji) left his body, he instructed K.C. Tewari to take care of those Western seekers.

The Power of Acceptance and Truth on the Spiritual Journey

Brilliant Disguise is a meditation as well as a roadmap of consciousness through the perspective of a unique man. Whether you believe in consciousness, the Divine, G-d or some other energetic source, once you see the film, your belief may expand or be validated. This is because of this moving story of K.C. Tewari, who exhibited a non-judgmental energy and acceptance that was remarkable to the Western seekers.

The story of this extraordinary man in the film is told through recounting personal experiences from a variety of noteworthy musicians, writers, and seekers of truth. These intimate accounts are interwoven with archival footage of K.C. and his family. Together, we bear witness to the story of an extraordinary person. When first met, Tewari may have appeared to be an ordinary family man and the headmaster of a school; but he was far from ordinary.


Personal Stories of An Extraordinary Teacher

Kirtan artist Jai Uttal described K.C. Tewari with his white head of hair, acting like an antenna channeling the unseen energy of devotion, his beak-like peaceful face, and warmth of heart. He exuded the vibration of truth. The devotees described him again and again as a conduit to the Divine embodiment of unconditional love that it is everywhere; readily available to anyone who believes.

If you are open to the belief that there is a benevolent force, the messages of proof are found throughout Brilliant Disguise. From the wind blowing the foliage behind Krishna Das and Raghu Markus as they recounted tales of Tewari as if on cue, invoking to the story of Radha explaining his ninja-like tendencies, blending into the woodwork and the unconditional loving support of a child who was ill.

If the stories weren’t enough, the film has actual footage of Tewari entering the transcendent state of consciousness known as samadhi. One way to consider samadhi is that it is like a spiritual coma.  In this state of samadhi, he spent time on another plane of existence. Through the film, we have the blessing to see how his centered, deeply devoted, concentrated energy and love of the Divine transcended his way of living and impacted everyone around him. In addition, Tewari understood and honored the power of women in the spiritual life. This is seen through his beloved wife, who was as much a saint as he was. K.C. Tewari was a “be here now” instructor of the most genuine kind.

Experience the Magic in Daily Life

I highly recommended this film to anyone who needs a dose of magic. For that’s what this film exudes – magic through stories from people who witnessed the extraordinary within the ordinary. Brilliant Disguise honors the profound love of K.C. Tewari, whose faith was so deep, who devoted his life service to others and now his vibration will live on forever. By the end of the film, you will have felt like you had a deep meditative experience with a sense of hope and a vibration of love.

Isn’t that what life is about, after all? Love, faith, mixed in with some magic.

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Brilliant Disguise will be playing at select theaters, including the Laemmle Monica Film Center.

Join Director Raghu Markus and guests for a Q & A on Friday, September 30.

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The film is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and on Vimeo On Demand.

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