Sacred geometry tattoo artist Dillon Forte on manifesting for creatives

Manifesting for Creatives: Putting Visualization into Action

Dillon Forte incorporates sacred geometry in his creative artistry. His work includes contemporary sacred geometry through tattooing, as well as fine art photography, painting, fashion, and design. In his approach to manifesting for creatives, he shares inspiring perspectives on seeing the world and our place and how we can take effective action from visualization to manifestation.

What is your mantra for manifestation or what you would describe as your personal Manifesting 101?

Manifesting 101: What you visualize you materialize. Well, it’s not that simple. But I like to live by that mantra for a variety of reasons. You may hear articles in lifestyle, wellness or even business-driven blogs buzzing about mindset and how it’s practically the magic wand for making your life 110% more successful. We live in a society driven by corporate-owned media that makes its money off pandering fear, death, failure and misfortunes in a world that seems practically setup to let you down. This can do a number on us creatives and business owners who are just trying to stay positive and focused after a year that…well, you know…kind of flipped us upside down, shook us around and dropped us down hoping to land feet first.

What are some of your personal practices for manifestation?

I’m glad to report that most of us made it out rejuvenated and ready to jump into creative action. As a tattoo artist, many of my ideas surrounding design and business efforts come to me through a mix of creative intuition, focus, time-blocking and most important–staying mindful. It’s hard to describe manifesting to someone who is not familiar with the idea, and many may watch ‘The Secret’ once and think that if we think hard enough about something it will appear. That multi-million-dollar house, a Tesla, or a dream job is just one thought-inspiring session away, right?

Well, let’s take a few steps back and explain. For those who practice yoga (assuming most of you reading this), you know that each session is just that, practice and an openness to reaching a new level. It’s a continued effort, without giving up and truly understanding that each day is a new chance to get 1% better at the things you are most passionate about.

Artist Dillon Forte

What advice would you give around manifestation for creatives?

Where people begin to steer off path, is where manifesting comes in and can help immensely. Creatives do this often. They hit a stride and perhaps for a day, or even a week; they hit that creative block that takes wind of their sails. They begin to doubt their abilities and the negative self-talk begins to come into play.

The solution isn’t necessarily abiding to PMA [positive mental attitude]. This is more about keeping your focus, believing you are worthy of your dreams and remembering to go easy on yourself.

Society and media have taught creatives and entrepreneurs that if we don’t succeed within a short period of time, or if we haven’t reached a specific place in your life, then we are failures or not worthy of those incredible opportunities we all can achieve.

So yes, manifesting is a practice just like Yoga or any creative skill. It carries elements of mindset, practice, self-care, visualizing and maintaining a belief system that shows you are worthy regardless of any challenge, setback, or unforeseen delay. I preach this to creatives because so many of us live without certainty, or without a typical day job that has certain expectations, plans, and of course paydays. The creative can be a designer, musician, entrepreneur, or really anyone that must create to thrive, but understands that producing results is not everything in life.

Achieving a great manifesting practice relies on the daily mindset

that you can and will get to the destination you are targeting.

Artist Dillon Forte with Tesla

Tell us more about this manifestation mindset and putting it into action.

Lastly, let’s talk visualizing. Let’s say you booked an exciting vacation, but it’s two weeks away and you’re feeling a bit stuck in whatever it is you’re up to. You know that feeling, you think about that vacation coming up and all of a sudden you spring to life and feel a bit of euphoria in your body. That is visualizing, and that is part of what manifesting can do for you even if that “vacation” isn’t booked yet. This applies to everything else, being creative, starting businesses, taking a new journey in life or whatever it is you want. This is the practice of visualizing the finish line, putting in the work and of course keeping a mindset that is always reminding yourself that the goal is achievable and deserving.

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