Infinite Energy by DTO performing

Infinite Energy by DTO (Buddha Music Group) will inspire you to boogie, breathe, and awaken your yearning to travel the world.

Infinite Energy by DTO album cover

Yet with this album, you won’t have to leave your home or yoga class, because the soundscape is a fusion of world languages and electronic dance beats with classical piano, cello, violin, sax, flutes, vocal delights and many more surprises. It is a transcendent musical adventure. It is conscious world dance music that inspires you to awaken your mind, body, and soul.

Award-winning producer DTO’s debut album, Nameless Energy, was specifically designed for an hour-long yoga sequence with to deepen your practice.

The Chakras in Infinite Energy by DTO

Infinite Energy features seven singers from different parts of the globe. Each one of the seven songs relates to one of the seven chakras.

The intention is to awaken these energy centers and support alignment in all areas of life.


For full disclosure, I’m one of the singers on the album and I’m honored that it is my musical debut. (Aside from singing in the shower or in my car!) “Shakti Vortex” is a heart chakra tune with a Sanskrit rap that includes an empowering message to honor the goddess Durga. The song even features my father, Bhupinder Behl, playing tabla and singing bols.


Behind the Scenes Recording DTO

Some of other featured tunes include “Ethereal” (crown chakra) featuring Anne-Tyler and Kiyoshi. “The Way” (third eye chakra) featuring Sita Rose. And “Gayatri Activation” (throat chakra) featuring Sabrina Sapal, and more.

Add Inspiration to Your Playlist

If you are looking for a danceable soundtrack for the energy of the chakras, this may just be the inspiration you’ve been looking to add to your playlist.