Jai Uttal Releases Instrumental Album

After Years of Mantra, Jai Uttal Releases Instrumental Album

Jai Uttal‘s powerful album, Gauri’s Lullaby: Music for Healing and Other Joys is born from the heart and infused with love and devotion. This is an amazing gift to the world: Jai Uttal releases instrumental album.

The collection heralds the mystical rhythm of uncertainty in a series of instrumental guitar solos nearly an hour and a half long. Inspired by Jai’s many years of study with Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, these four meditative tracks were initially not meant for public consumption. Jai Uttal created them as a gift to Nubia, his wife and the love of his life. Nubia used them for her own personal relaxation as well as during her yoga classes. Students often asked, “What is that music?” And “Where can we get it?” Nubia would smile and say that the songs were just for her.

The World Needs these Healing Sounds

Much to the delight of her students and those of us who are readers of LAYOGA, Nubia recently decided, “It’s time to share Gauri’s Lullaby. The world needs these healing sounds.”

Gauri’s Lullaby is gift to the spirit, especially during these tense, awkward, and socially distant times. Each instrumental vibrates calmness and purity of spirit. Each flows seamlessly into the next. The first instrumental in the series, “Golden Gauri,” embraces the metaphysical space of all possibility, teaming in the winds of chance. “Gauri’s Longing” occupies a slightly melancholic tone, meandering into the realm of what might be, what could be. “Gauri’s Dream” is lighter, speckled with inspiration and hope. “Shyama Gauri” completes our journey with a grounding, ethereal composition that defies description.

Pure joy. This album is an absolute delight. Calming, beautiful and meditative. Warning: If you’re tired, don’t listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery. I’m not kidding. It’s so relaxing and it might calm your nervous system so much that you find yourself needing to take a nap.

Listen to Jai Uttal’s Instrumental Release Gauri’s Lullaby

Gauri’s Lullaby is available on all music platforms.