Joss Jaffe playing tabla for meditation music


The Power of Music

In my mind, meditation music allows you to release the noise in your mind. This type of music helps you focus, escape daily stresses, and even transcend to another level of consciousness. Meditation music can heighten your senses and unite your mind, body, and spirit.

The album Meditation Music by Joss Jaffe incorporates all of those qualities. Joss decided to create a body of music that is unlike his previous releases. Meditation Music is intentionally and carefully crafted to be both soothing and ambient. The effect is both relaxing and relieving. Anything like this that we can lean into to support our lives is a welcome relief.

Meditation Music album cover

The Science of Mediation Music

Joss says, ”This music is designed to help synchronize the brain with the deeper waves associated with relaxation and meditation. The science of meditation shows that what is happening in the brain is that the waves are slowing down. They move from the alpha and beta that correspond with increased activity and stress into the slower waves of delta and theta that correspond with relaxation, rest, sleep and rejuvenation. Meditation masters are able to do this on their own. This music is designed to help synchronize the brain with the waves associated with relaxation and meditation. I wanted a body of work that could be played in a gentle yoga class or even for meditation and spa relaxation such as massage.”

Each song has a unique effect. Some songs’ names identify this, such as “Deep Theta” and “Deep Delta.” For example, these feature long sonorous tones and a rhythmic underlying pulse. This creates a gently supportive, ambient soundscape. “Zen Forest” and “Temple Clouds” evoke states of peace and gentle nature soundscapes. “Morning Sun Drops” feels like the quiet of the morning, the world waking up to its first light.

A Healing Music Collection

Joss started playing music at a young age, and felt music to be a powerful companion. Music can invoke a variety of emotional states. And hearing a song or a melody can easily change our state of being. Hence, what we listen to is very important, as it affects the depth our experience. Yoga teachers, therapists, practitioners and healers around the world can use this music for Reiki, meditation, massage, relaxation, or as a compliment to any contemplative practice. Meditation Music by Joss Jaffe is an essential addition to any music healing collection.