Trevor Hall Portrait Kala

Trevor Hall photo by Marina Chavez

Close your eyes and listen deeply to the lyrics of KALA, the latest album from beloved Trevor Hall. In Sanskrit, kala means time. Trevor’s 13-track album guides us along a transformative journey of lessons learned, of pain and healing, and of the love, passion, and gratitude which accompany our journeys here on Earth. He sings about time as being a healer and as something expansive, in contrast to deadlines and pressures. Trevor’s pacifying voice and beautiful guitar strums create a cocktail that can drown anyone into a meditative state.

Music on Kala

KALA contains an abundance of heart-opening tracks. My personal favorites are “Forgive” and “You Can’t Rush Your Healing.” He sings of compassion, forgiveness, and interconnectedness. Of course, Trevor’s music is no stranger to the yoga community. He is a devotee who has performed at festivals including both Wanderlust and Bhakti Fest. His music inspires, uplifts, and invokes a deep sense of gratitude and peace around the unity of all beings.

Trevor Hall Kala

Trevor Hall on Self-Discovery

Trevor’s own journey of self-discovery, growth, and maturation is evident across his albums. He speaks lovingly about his frequent travels to India, where he has found much of his spiritual inspiration. The serenity of KALA demonstrates the humility, depth, and spiritual intelligence of an artist who is simply adored amongst his fans known as Villagers. Honorable mentions go out to the beautiful artists whose voices are heard on the album: Nahko Bear, Xavier Rudd, Tubby Love, and Luka Lesson.