All is Love is All by Dub Sutra

The band Dub Sutra describe themselves as “an eclectic mix of electronic dub downtempo with harmonizing chant and live instruments perfect for chill, yoga, lounge, and moving meditation.” They’ve been taking this music around the world at yoga classes and festivals. Their second album, All Is Love Is All by Dub Sutra, achieves a splendid balance between the trifecta of vocal chant, beats, and organic live instruments.

It builds on the blissful experience of their first album, the Rise of Downtempo, with more distinct tracks and musical styles.

“All Is Love” opens with buttery, warm layers of human voices in the circular chant. “Bow to You” morphs the electronic-dub sample approach in an extended, contemplative mix. “Heightened Awareness” transitions us to meditating on the feminine/goddess aspect of the Divine, weaving a magical spiral of female song and spoken word around a central core of cosmic dub groove.

Dub Sutra All is Love is All

“Gaia Love” makes a more decisive turn towards a dark synth, slightly techno flavor of dub, but of course the spiral of chant is always present.  Three minutes in, I love how the track takes an even more aggressive synth edge. There’s a reason you hear this kind of soundtrack so often on many Burning Man documentary videos – it’s the sound and feel that helps capture that juncture of curiosity, mysticism, and technology.

My favorite track on All is Love is All by Dub Sutra is “Breathe With Me,” because conceptually, our breath is the pure essence of our yoga practice as well as our very existence. In a similar vein, this track is clean, stripped-down, and elemental; relatively dry, effect-free beats and instrumentation float underneath the vocal. I love the vocals here; it is hard to tell if this is a male, female, Indian, African…perhaps the perfect world citizen to carry forward Dub Sutra’s mission of moving meditation.