Sangeeta Kaur

Artist and Singer Sangeeta Kaur

Sangeeta Kaur combines classical music with spiritual themes.

Sangeeta Kaur is a Vietnamese-American trained opera singer who has performed all over the world. She gravitated to mantra-style singing to bring healing and awakening through music and yoga.

Sangeeta Kaur Mirrors Album Cover


Mirrors is Sangeeta’s third New Age/Classical crossover album. Accompanied by Nicolas Neidhart on piano/keys and multi-instrumentalist Dat Nguyen on guitars and flute, she showcases her sweet, clear, pure mezzo soprano. What’s refreshing about her musical style is how she expresses her classical music roots while layering on vocals and lyrics with a pop sensibility.

Songs to Stay Strong

This is demonstrated perfectly on “Bring It Down.” In her words, Sangeeta prays for help in finding ways to stay strong in the face of life’s suffering. Continuing on the darker theme is her cover of Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind.” It’s refreshing to hear someone in the sacred music genre address darkness and doubt.

On “I’m Not Gonna Break,” Sangeeta’s vocals on the chorus/refrain remind me of Paula Cole, the beloved pop singer who had her heyday in the 90s. Then, she takes an interesting turn back to a more purely classical style on “Adoro Te Devote.” Sangeeta begins with a gorgeous a cappella; as the song continues, she introduces layers of angelic background vocals, piano, and warm synth pads.

Sangeeta Kaur

Songs to Give Thanks to the Divine

The final track, “Thank You,” takes on a world music sound through Asian flute stylings featured throughout. About four minutes in, Sangeeta Kaur flexes a bit of her operatic, dramatic vocal stylings. She builds in the emotional intensity of her gratitude, while keeping gentle, reverent restraint overall. It painted a story in my mind of a woman of simple means, anywhere in the world at any time in history, giving her thanks to the Divine for perhaps saving her ill child. True to the liner notes of the album, Kaur’s music does inspire you to “see life from a different perspective.”

Where to Buy Mirrors by Sangeeta Kaur

Mirrors is available in iTunes & you can even buy it on your iPhone here.

Mirrors is available on Google Play for Android here.

You can also buy a physical CD of Mirrors.

Learn more about Sangeeta Kaur at

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