Review of Amethyst by J Brave
J Brave is most widely known as one of the vocalists from the conscious hip hop band Luminaries; Amethyst is his first solo project.

Amethyst is a sincere expression of J Brave’s mission to spread messages of peace, love, and unity through the vehicle of hip hop music. The album’s name is inspired by the power of amethyst crystals and their connection to imagination, intuition, creativity, and passion. Amethyst has well-intentioned lyricism, epic beats, and messages that cover the full range of the human experience from playfulness to joy, to frustration.

The strong opening track “Chakraz” sets the entire tone for the album; it immediately put a smile on my face. “Destiny” is a another standout; produced by Daniel “Konscious” Krieger, it has gorgeous chorus sung by Shylah Ray Sunshine. “Drippy Fun“ has a seductive quality and what I can only describe as “soul meets body” beats.

“Make a Stand,” produced by Ian Noe, is tribute to leaders who make a difference even in the face of tyranny, suffering, and injustice. It motivates us that to make the change we have in order to make a difference, put your intentions into action, and stand for something that brings greater meaning and purpose to our lives.

“Walls Fall Down” connects us to the shadow side of life. Its lyrics remind us to learn to love and to let go. The shift of frustration to empowerment in the second verse and the story of how to rise from the being beaten down is beautifully empowering. It addresses the issues of our ups and downs in this life experience.

If you want to fuel your day with music that brings you joy, inspiration, motivation, and makes you want to dance, listen to J Brave’s new album Amethyst. This conscious rapper elevates and motivates and helps us to remember our essential truth. J Brave has the skills to make the words embody the shared human experience, to tell stories which belong to everyone, and to bring poetic lyrics alive through music.

Download the album here as part of the “pay what you can campaign” through Bandcamp.