sangeeta kaur-ascension-la-yoga
Sangeeta Kaur brings us Ascension: Niguma Vol 2: The Mantra Project. It is the sequel to her groundbreaking debut CD Niguma. Ascension is an innovative blend of kundalini mantra chants and operatic vocals set against a neo-classical score. It is also the soundtrack for the stage production of Niguma: The Mantra Project.

About Ascension, Niguma Vol.2 by Sangeeta Kaur

This album is a unique expression of Sangeeta, who is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, composer, and opera singer. In it, she tells the sacred story of Lady Niguma, an influential 11th century Yogini. Lady Niguma created one of the first documented yoga series, as well as a school and system of yoga predominantly for women.
For years Sangeeta felt inspired to share Lady Niguma’s story. “Being a theater and opera major, I asked myself how to share this hidden gem that’s so transformative,” says Sangeeta Kaur.
The inspiration came to fruition for Niguma: The Mantra Project.
Sangeeta and renowned producer/composer Nicholas Neidhard collaborated through a sound alchemy of sacred mantra, modern opera, the vast sounds of the Hungarian Orchestra and Choir, the Sufi mystical ecstatic chant Qawwali, and influences from West Africa and Armenia.
One of my favorites is “This Beautiful World.” It has mystical sweeping sounds that transport the listener on an expansive aural journey. Another standout is “Dream Tunnel” with its elegant, emotional, high-drama string arrangements and vocals that sound like gorgeous sighs. “Lascia Ch’io Pianga” is a nod to classical Italian opera, while “Samsara’s Tango” weaves the Tango soundscapes with operatic vocals.
Overall, Ascension left me feeling that this New Age music album will be appreciated on a global scale.