The Lost FrontierBy Tina Malia

Amida Records

Tina Malia’s magical voice carries the medicine of opening your heart. Her latest release, The Lost Frontier, is an incredible piece of musical art, combining folk, electronic, and rock influences. In what sounds like Joni Mitchell mixed with the ambient electronic feel of Portishead. Tina plays on all tracks and brings in a stellar array of guest artists and producers, including BlueTech and Lynx.

Also known for singing with sacred musicians Jai Uttal, GuruGanesh Singh, and Shimshai, Tina demonstrates her unique and appealing sound, showcases her musical talents, and reveals her love and devotion to her craft. Beyond merely using her voice, Tina composed the tracks on this album, completed the graphic design, created the drum programming, and produced the album.

All the tracks are unique, but one of my favorites is “Serendipity” because of its angelic vibe, lyrics, orchestration, heart-opening melodies, and lush downtempo grooves; it had me singing along. Tina also made a video for “Serendipity,” which you can find on her website, (Tina Malia recently moved to Venice. Look for her to appear more around LA.)

I highly recommend The Lost Frontier; its groovy sound and soulful vocals also make it a great companion for a slow-flow yoga session.

Reviewed by Marla Leigh Goldstein, a percussionist, flautist, composer, educator and producer who offers drumming retreats, workshops and online programs and loves composing music for Yoga. She is teaching an upcoming urban wellness retreat June 9 in Santa Monica: