Touched by the Sun CD Cover

Touched by the Sun, is the second solo album by musician Todd Boston. It is a beautiful offering to the yoga, spiritual, and world music community. Todd is a regular fixture at yoga and music festivals and regularly accompanies renowned spiritual music artist Snatam Kaur all over the world.  Produced by Grammy winner Will Ackerman, Touched features an ensemble of world-class musicians.

With this release, Todd creates a soundscape that ebbs and flows like nature – mountain peaks, flowing rivers, rising and falling ocean waves, and still forests.  The opening strains of the first song “Alapana,” played by Todd on the dotar, inspires me to take a long deep breath.  As it transitions into the soothing sounds of Todd’s acoustic guitar on “Twilight,” I realize that this is no ordinary album – I will be taking a cathartic journey into the core of my being.  Touched inspires me to stop and reflect on life and what’s really important.

Midway through the album, “Surya” is an ethereal composition featuring Snatam Kaur on freeform vocals.  It is followed by “Full Moon,” perhaps my favorite song here, which waxes and wanes like the moon herself.  The album completes with the uplifting and soulful title track, leaving me with a sense of fullness and hope.  I highly recommend this for yoga practice, meditation, relaxation, and the simple enjoyment of music. Learn more (including Todd’s touring schedule) at: