Find Your True Fork
Yoga, traditionally an intimate teacher/student relationship, has increasingly become a communal experience as well a personal practice.  Studios, as community centers, are a place to learn more about yourself and the world. Wanderlust Hollywood’s is one of these congregating places for people with the same values. The studio owners’ intention is to carry the company’s mantra “Find Your True North” (that is, your best self) through the yoga studio, café, and meditation zone. Now Wanderlust Hollywood has broadened its horizon with the Find Your True Fork series.

About Find Your True Fork

The studio is hosting Find Your True Fork dinner series that will provide the community a chance to learn about various cuisines and food philosophies through a series of dinners centered around mindful eating. It features ground-breaking chefs and influential thought leaders sharing their vision for healthy, sustainable, and ethical food choices. Each dinner spotlights a different approach to food and include a short lecture.
Jeff Krasno, Co-Founder of Wanderlust says, “Find Your True Fork is a platform for people to discover healthy, delicious and ethical approaches to food. We’re creating this platform by focusing on innovative chefs, in hopes, that people will see some of their own personal journeys within the stories of these chefs. Just like there is no one singular yoga method that is perfect for everybody, there is no one single diet that is right for everyone. We hope that Wanderlust can be useful to help people ‘find their true fork.’”

“Find Your True Fork is a platform for people to discover healthy, delicious and ethical approaches to food.” – Jeff Krasno, Co-Founder of Wanderlust

Jason Wrobel, the featured chef and world-renowned leader in organic raw vegan cuisine who began the series in June says, “I appreciate Wanderlust’s commitment to really highlight sustainable, ethical and mindful cuisine in all of it’s forms. It’s a delight that I get showcase my influences within this series.”

A Transformative Menu

During the evening of the first Find Your True Fork dinner, I found Wanderlust Hollywood transformed into a community dining hall filled with banquet tables graced with Jason Wrobel’s vegan menu. I found his courses not only to be creative and innovative but surprisingly different from my preconceived ideas of vegan food. The family-style servings was a reminder that life is best when shared.  The connection pulsing through people who came together with shared values left me with a sense of belonging and connectedness both with our community and to our earth.

Find Your True Fork Ayurveda

Photo by Matt Hollingsworth

The dinner series is accompanied by the book Wanderlust Find Your True Fork: Journeys in Healthy, Delicious, and Ethical Eating, which will be released on July 18.
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