Kuli Kuli Moringa Sources

With the growing popularity of the superfood Moringa, a number of innovative companies are offering this dark leafy green. You can find seeds as well as powdered greens to add to smoothies and more.

Kuli Kuli

Former Peace Corps Volunteer Lisa Curtis was introduced to eating Moringa while serving in Niger. With her co-founders Valerie Popelka, Jordan Moncharmont, and Anne Tsuei and a team of entrepreneurs, Kuli Kuli’s successful crowd-funding campaigns include an initiative to plant Moringa trees in Haiti.


Organic Pure Moringa Vegetable Powder
Moringa Greens & Protein Superfood Smoothie Mix (Natural Greens, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate)
Moringa Green Energy Shots (Raspberry, Coconut Lime, Ginger Lemon)
Energizing Herbal Moringa Tea (Original, Lemongrass, Peppermint)
Moringa Energy Bars (Crunchy Almond, Dark Chocolate, Black Cherry)

Moringa Farms


The team at Moringa Farms is focused on the company’s Social, Product, and Economic Missions to share the benefits of Moringa. The array of available products even includes live trees.


Moringa Leaf Powder
Capsules and Seeds
Moringa Seed Oil
Fresh Moringa Leaf
Live Moringa Saplings
Moringa Seed Deodorant

Moringa Light Energy


Moringa Light Energy grows thousands of organically grown Moringa trees in California’s Coachella Valley. Their tagline is, “Before there was Medicine, there was Moringa.”


Gold Seeds
Gold Leaves
Fountain of Youth Moringa Oleifera Essence
Ancient Healer Essences
Moringa Light Energy Rejuvenating Pure Oils

M Solutions


Their Moringa oil undergoes a proprietary light energy process to increase potency.


Nano CBD Light Energy (Moringa infused)
CBD Light Energy (Moringa Infused)

Organic India


The mission of Organic India includes a commitment to working with farmers to promote regenerative agriculture as well as regenerative community


Moringa Lift Single Serve Pouches
Certified Organic Moringa Leaf Powder
Certified Organic Moringa Capsules

MRM Moringa Sources

Superfoods by MRM


Founded with the goal to create products that support a life of health and vitality.


Raw Organic Moringa Powder



Sunwarrior was founded to offer clean, plant-based superfoods that capture solar energy.


Moringa is one the ingredients in Sunwarrior’s Ormus SuperGreens

Your Super


Cofounders Michael Kuech and Kristel De Groot created combinations of superfoods to come up with seven blends to make healthy eating easy.

Blends Containing Moringa

Skinny Protein (for Hunger Control), Power Matcha (for Focus), and Super Green (for Immunity)