Tea photo by David Young-Wolff LA YogA

Photo by David Young-Wolff

New Mom Tea Recipe


This new mom tea provides a nourishing drink to support a new mom’s health and well-being.


2 parts cumin

2 parts fennel

2 parts fenugreek

2 parts wild yam (or licorice)

1 part coriander

½ part ajwain

(asafoetida) if available

1 pinch fresh lavender


Mix the above herbs in five cups of hot water.

Let steep for five minutes if using ground herbs, or ten minutes if using whole herbs.

Strain and sip throughout the day.

Many of the herbs listed above have other healing properties.

Siva Mohan MD teaches Ayurveda at Loyola Marymount University, has an empowerment-based private practice, and directs Los Angeles’ celebration of Vedic wisdom, Veda MeLA: svasthahealth.com.