Crystals hold a significant role in shamanic and spiritual healing practices, acting as conduits for energy and aiding in the alignment of mind, body, and Spirit. These vibrant gemstones are believed to possess unique vibrational frequencies that resonate with different aspects of the human experience, making them valuable tools for enhancing meditation, energy balancing, and emotional well-being.

Shamans and spiritual practitioners harness the innate properties of crystals to cleanse, amplify, and direct energy, facilitating the release of negative emotions and promoting a sense of harmony. Whether used individually or in combination, crystals are revered for their ability to amplify intention, heighten intuition, and promote healing on both physical and energetic levels, making them essential components of various holistic and metaphysical healing approaches.

That is why, upon the launch of my sacred jewelry brand, The Winged Ones™, I reached out to Jenny Deaveau to serve as our resident Stone Educator. In addition to her spiritual and scientific brilliance surrounding the world of gemstones, she is also one-half of the sound healing duo known as Dynasty Electrik with Seth Misterka. 

Using her combined knowledge of crystal healing and musical sound therapy, she is a master at carrying the human Soul to new planes of consciousness and Spiritual awareness. I had the pleasure of sitting down with her to discuss her work, background, and how her prowess for sound and crystals weaves together. 

PARASHAKTI:  How would you describe your work? 

JENNY: At its core, my work revolves around the belief that we are vibrational beings in a vibrational world. Everything vibrates. And it is the natural tendency of all beings to entrain to the most balanced and harmonious vibration. The pure vibration is always going to be the most dominant, because well-being is the natural condition of all beings on this Earth. The human body, mind, and spirit are intricately interconnected. By addressing imbalances on quantum energy levels, true healing and transformation can occur. 

PARASHAKTI: What does the intersection between sound healing and crystal healing look like for you? 

JENNY: I work predominantly with sound and crystals, as well as color, light, reiki, plants; anything powerful in the natural environment. I use quartz crystal singing bowls in my healing sessions. The vibrations they emit are a pure holographic template of radiant light, resonating strongly with the human body and its energetic fields. Crystals have one of the purest molecular structures in nature. When we are using crystals, we have a natural tendency to entrain or attune to their balanced harmonious vibration. This stable geometric pattern helps to harmonize our own vibrational frequency, which can become easily unbalanced when we experience stress. By placing or using crystals on or around the body, we can enhance our energy flow, promote relaxation, and encourage emotional healing. The combination of sound and crystal energies can lead to profound stress reduction, and a heightened sense of self-awareness. Ultimately, my work is about facilitating a holistic journey where individuals can tap into their own innate healing capacities. 

PARASHAKTI: Tell me a little bit more about how you got into this line of work. When did you first start to develop an interest in sound healing and crystals? 

JENNY: In 2012, I was initiated into the practice of “Svaha Yoga,” a Shamanic energy technique, under the guidance of Master Energy Medicine Practitioner Lisa Ishwari Murphy. When I first arrived at Lisa’s wooden yurt in Fairhaven, MA with my partner Seth Misterka, we discovered a circular room filled with massive planetary gongs, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls of all shapes and sizes, a variety of crystals, Native American flutes, drums and rain sticks, sage, incense, palo santo and an adornment of statues from a multitude of spiritual backgrounds. Our first task was to record a cacophony of instruments, in seemingly no particular order or structure, for a piece called Rhythmic Entrainment. We were given various instruments at different moments and asked to play them, guided by our intuition. The power of vibration was palpable as the sound ceremony commenced and the wind blew through the seaside wooden yurt. Soon after, we discovered this was the music that would be used in Lisa’s private energy sessions. Her clients consisted of people diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer, multiple sclerosis, rare diseases, severe emotional trauma, among other imbalances. All of these clients had one thing in common: they were symptom-free, or mostly symptom-free after working with Lisa for a period of time. It was clear that sound healing and energy medicine were very powerful healing modalities.

PARASHAKTI: What is Dynasty Electrik’s mission for the greater good?

JENNY: We believe that music is a tool for planetary healing. Our vision centers around nurturing a sense of togetherness, emotional wellness, and an elevated awareness of our interconnectedness. By engaging communities, leveraging accessible technology, and forging a profound bond with the natural world, a sound healing practice has the potential to enrich the global community, fostering resilience and harmony.  This is a time for the collective… for working and playing together… for collaboration… for cosmic unity. 

PARASHAKTI: What is your vision for Dynasty Electrik’s role in helping the collective? 

JENNY: Music is a universal language that can reach across cultural divides and bring people together for collective healing, harmonization, and celebration. Our mission is to bring this healing power of music to the world through live performances and the digital realm.

PARASHAKTI: You’ve played an integral role in stone and crystal education for my sacred jewelry brand, The Winged Ones™, and I’d love for our readers to hear from you personally about our collaboration. 

JENNY: I remember first hearing about Parashakti about 15 years ago when I was living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I wondered “Who is this ecstatic dance shaman goddess?” To my delight, she arrived at the Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery in 2019, where I had been hosting crystal sound baths and healing sessions. We immediately clicked and started collaborating to offer some sound healing journeys in the space with enormous crystals. As things moved online, I became the crystal educator for her Dream Council Tribe trainings and wrote an extensive crystal guide for her extraordinary Winged Ones jewelry collection. From the moment I saw these exquisite amulets, I was drawn to their magic and knew they would be a part of my soul’s journey. I received my pieces fully charged and blessed by Parashakti and her spirit community. We rise together in spirit medicine! Every time I have the opportunity and privilege to connect with Parashakti, I feel an amazing vibration of pure love, excitement, and adventure about where the moment will take us.

Jenny Deveau dons her Winged Ones™ Visionary and SunDancer pendants.

PARASHAKTI: You are too kind! It is a blessing and honor to have been able to work with you over the recent years. The gift of in-depth knowledge that you have about these ancient stones is always so impressive. What is your research process for crystal education? 

JENNY: My love of crystals began as a young child, when I would travel with my father to geological sites to search for volcanic rocks. We kept a huge metal barrel in our backyard, filled with stones and crystals we had found during our adventures. I always work with crystals I am naturally drawn to. Sometimes they just call to you. Usually, we are attracted to certain stones because they may be energetically helpful to us. If you are unclear about which stones to work with, you can always start with clear quartz. It is a universal crystal, with a harmonious, balanced pure energy and can be used for almost anything and programmed with intentions. I also love research and information, so I read as many crystal books as possible and watch documentaries on the subject. Over the past several years, I’ve attended the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. This has allowed me to have direct conversations with dealers, miners and crystal enthusiasts.

PARASHAKTI: You make a point to delve deep into the science behind each gemstone. How has your wisdom surrounding this subject evolved over the years? 

JENNY: It has surprised me to discover that even those who do not ascribe any metaphysical qualities to the stones, have a deep love, appreciation and understanding of these mineral beings. I prefer crystals that are completely natural and are not subjected to any man-made processes. I also love finding stones in deserts, forests and beaches. 

PARASHAKTI: What is your process like for developing new soundscapes/music? How do you find inspiration? 

JENNY: Dynasty Electrik is my music and sound healing project with my partner Seth Misterka. Initially formed as an electronic group in Brooklyn, we were initiated into a practice of shamanic sound healing, and subsequently combined this ancient wisdom with our knowledge of music to create a unique style of sound therapy—the Dynasty Electrik Crystal Sound Bath. This experience combines original electronic soundscapes intertwined with the celestial tones of crystal singing bowls, soothing nature sounds, and ethereal vocals, guiding the listener on an inner journey of profound exploration. 

SETH: Every time we start a new composition, I like to think of it as if it’s the first time, and to look for new approaches.  I also like to ask myself, “What sounds/music would I find to be most healing/relaxing/pleasing if I were the listener?” Then, once we begin creating, inspiration comes from many sources – nature, dreams, visions, meditation, and life itself. In our new album, Journey to Tranquility, we explore the worlds of cosmic frequencies, binaural beats, and channeled vocals. Soft synths, singing bowls, and atmospheric sounds create an ideal soundtrack for everything from chill time, light yoga, and study, to meditation, dream work and deep journeying. The creation of the album mirrored our personal and artistic journey, from Los Angeles to a remote beach town in Nova Scotia, to establish a sound healing retreat center on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. During this transition, we shared our compositions online through our YouTube channel, with many of the tracks on the album originally appearing in our weekly sound bath ceremony.

Jenny Deveau and Seth Misterka lead a Dynasty Electrik sound bath.

PARASHAKTI: Is there a message you’d like to leave our readers with today? Some wisdom they can take away from this interview?

JENNY: We’re always on a journey of self-discovery. And we never quite know where it will take us. No matter what we envision, there are always challenges to overcome. If we can rise to the occasion, our view expands and we become more of who we were meant to be. Infinite and free. I am thrilled to be returning to Los Angeles this fall and winter to host some crystal sound bath journeys with Dynasty Electrik. Check our site for the dates and venues. There are some exciting things in the works. Or you can join us any Friday evening on YouTube for our weekly premieres.


To learn more about Jenny and upcoming Dynasty Electrik events, visit  for details.

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