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Nathan Sykes Solo Artist

Nathan Sykes is following in the footsteps of Justin Timberlake and Nick Jonas. Artists who made the not-so-easy transition from massively successful boy bands (NYSNC and the Jonas Brothers, respectively) to heartthrob solo artists.

Many have tried and failed, but Nathan will not fall into that category. Born with an incredible musical talent, he started singing when he was six years old. By the age of 10, he was winning local competitions including the Cheltenham Competitive Festival of Dramatic Art. He joined the British boy band The Wanted when he was 16. I had the pleasure of working with the band for a few years during which we shared a lot of fun memories (including adventures in London, NYC, LA, San Diego and Las Vegas). They achieved notable success.

Nathan Sykes

The Wanted and The Wanted Life

The Wanted’s first single, “Glad You Came” went all the way to #1 in the US. They had a reality show on E TV, The Wanted Life. I watched as they went from being unknown in the US to heartthrobs.. I remember walking through The Grove with the guys while being chased by girls and the paparazzi. When The Wanted performed on the Tonight Show, the girls rushed the stage. It was chaos and an all-time first for Jay Leno and crew.

Nathan Skyes and Unfinished Business

Nathan launched his first solo project with the powerhouse team of Global Entertainment behind him. I’m excited to work with Nathan on his US radio campaign. We had so much fun while he was part of The Wanted and I look forward to achieving another #1 hit together. His first single is a fun uptempo song called “Kiss Me Quick.” His album, Unfinished Business, is available.


Nathan Sykes and Health and Fitness

Being an international star requires a busy travel schedule. I was able to grab a few minutes with Nathan to talk about his healthy secrets. The first thing he told me is, “I’m a bit weird,” and of course, we laughed. He continued to tell me the most important change he made after vocal cord surgery to remove a polyp: He stopped drinking soda. Instead, he drinks plenty of water and loves juicing. His favorite juice is the classic lemon and cayenne blend.

Nathan-Sykes-Lori-RischerWhen it come to exercise he said, “I love walking.” I find a lot of artists either run or walk because at the same time they exercise, they can sightsee and enjoy the views of nature or the city they’re visiting. While walking, Nathan loves to listen to artists including Amy Winehouse, Miguel, and Frank Ocean. He wants to try yoga and his sister swears by it (I told him I swear by it as well). He tries to eat as healthy as he can when traveling and is a pescatarian (when he cut out all meat except fish, he noticed a drastic improvement in his skin).

Be sure to purchase his incredible hit single “Kiss Me Quick.” Nathan Syke’s long-awaited debut album Unfinished Business. Download it here:

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