Astrology June 2018

Vedic Astrology June 2018

The month of June begins with energetic support for clearing away clutter and destroying what is no longer needed. Take the time to do this intentionally, as things may be destroyed without your consent. After you clear away, connect with larger causes and find ways to be the change you wish to see in the world. These actions are related to the overriding Vedic Astrology June 2018 themes of thinking bigger and channeling our attention to larger truths, higher purposes, and our devotion to God.

June 2-4

The Moon is in Capricorn with Mars and Ketu. These could be a few days of intense emotional pressure, combined with frustration and feelings of explosiveness. Yet there’s also a lot of power and potential for those who have a spiritual practice. The beginning of June offers an energetic opportunity to simplify. Therefore, this is a good time to destroy and clear away a lot of clutter in your life. But you may find things get destroyed without your consent. Be the eye of hurricane today.

June 5-6

The Moon is in Aquarius aspected by Jupiter and Saturn, which makes it a great time to connect with larger causes that you support and that inspire you. Making the world a better place is important now. Ask yourself: How can you “be the change” today? The aspect from Jupiter supports teaching and higher knowledge. The aspect from Saturn brings a lot of determination and commitment to your efforts.

June 9

Venus is in Cancer with Rahu until July 4, making this a time of passion, romance, and maybe even obsession. This can be a very devotional time if nothing else, but you must be able to channel your passions and desires into something higher. Too often, we become fascinated with the objects of our pleasure, rather than of our devotion. These are big themes at this time. Be careful and don’t wrap all of your dreams, hopes and inspirations up in other people.

June 13

The New Moon is today, which begins a 30-day cycle. This New Moon occurs at the very last degree of Taurus, which is the point where structure, stability, and family lead to sharing and communication with those around you. Notice how your values were formed by your early life and family. Those values serve as a platform for the interests, friends, and extended family you have today. In the cycle of the next 30 days, you will evaluate these evolving values and interests. ??June’s New Moon happens in Mrigashira Nakshtra, ruled by the god Soma, who is the deity of the immortal nectar. Today you may experience a gentle restlessness and wandering as you search for pure beauty and truth.

June 16-17

The Moon is with Venus and Rahu in Cancer, which brings a romantic, passionate, and devotional mentality into the forefront of your mind and consciousness. Be careful of your emotions spinning out of control, as the Moon is in its own sign of Cancer while joined with obsessive Rahu. The conjunction of Venus adds a sort of soulmate fantasy projection into the mix. Your soul is actually trying to mate with God, not with other people or with your desires.

June 22-23

The Moon is joined Jupiter in Libra, which is a configuration that stimulates big, philosophical ideas. It’s a great time to study with your teachers and take their instructions to heart. This is also an especially good time to learn about relationship interactions with others and then integrate valuable lessons about how you relate. If you have a spiritual practice, this could be an especially devotional time. But it may also come with unrealistic expectations, especially with other people. Find higher meaning and beauty in things and ideas, not just in people.

June 27

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius, which provides contrast to the previous New Moon from two weeks ago. When the Moon is full we are full of our emotions, and we all can become a little looney. It’s important to seek a higher meaning and purpose—which are qualities of Sagittarius. Concentrating on a higher purpose elevates our ability to focus on our personal values and interests. The cycle that began with the New Moon in Taurus/Gemini on June 13 supports our values. Bringing together the world of friends and pleasures into your life direction can be tricky. But that is the current challenge and the inner struggle you may feel.

This Full Moon takes place in Mula Nakshatra, which is ruled by Kali, the goddess of destruction and transformation. This can reveal both surprising changes and an uptick in drama on this Full Moon. At the same time, that change should lead to higher insight.

June 30

The Moon is in Capricorn with Ketu and Mars. Capricorn energy will draw you inward at this time, but this energy may also feel heavy and isolating. In addition, the qualities of Mars are explosive and frustrated. So are the qualities of Ketu. This is not much fun, but it may ultimately be good energy for getting things done, especially important work. Take advantage of these aspects.

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