Vedic Astrology April 2018 Full Moon

Jyotish: Vedic Astrology April 2018

The Vedic Astrology April 2018 begins with some intense aspects that can amplify explosive feelings. Channel this energy to walk the talk with a higher purpose. On the New Moon, we begin a 30 day cycle that awakens prana (life force). Since Mercury turns direct on April 15, take time to process what no longer works so you can move forward with clarity. When the Sun and Moon are exalted on April 18 and 19 use this powerful energy to launch new projects and invest in your spiritual awareness. The month culminates with a Full Moon that supports service, practice, and learning to cultivate harmony.

April 1-2

The Moon and retrograde Jupiter will be in Libra today. So you may experience some big emotions and feelings, especially in your relationships. Try not to exaggerate the feeling of being disrespected. It’s entirely possible that you could blow that out of proportion and get all principled. Instead, this time supports reflecting on your teachings and your higher life lessons, especially as they relate to the adult interactions in your life. How well are you able to compromise with others?

April 1-5

Mars and Saturn are closely joined in Sagittarius. This can be dangerous and explosive. On the global scale, we could see military action. On a personal level, a similar energy is prevalent. Be careful about blowing things up in your life, based on idealism and your fanatical beliefs. This aspect offers a great opportunity for spiritual growth and putting your teachings into practice. Mars brings discipline while Saturn brings focus and commitment. Together, these two qualities can move you forward quickly. In the energy of Sagittarius, you can align with higher purpose and meaning. It’s good to walk the talk now.

April 6-7

The Moon joins Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, which brings all of that aforementioned explosiveness/discipline into the mind and heart. On a personal level, you may feel irritated and fired up about things that are just not right. This is a good time to make positive change. Work hard for the things you are ready to stand up for or stand against. But you have to be careful about being impetuous and destroying structures too quickly.

April 15

There will be a New Moon in Aries today, which begins a 30-day cycle of courage, exploration and personal dynamism. These 30 days support your ability to live without bounds.You are ready to make a difference in the way that only you can. However, you want to be careful not to be too pushy or aggressive. Patience is key, as you learn to share your power and enthusiasm with others.

This New Moon happens in Ashwini Nakshatra, which has to do with the twin horses. These twin deities awaken energy and enthusiasm. They are related to the life force (prana) that moves through our mind and body.

April 15

Mercury turns direct in Pisces today, after being retrograde since March 22. The last several weeks have supported more reflection and introspection. When Mercury was in retrograde, if you took the time to slow down, contemplate your words, and become more organized, now will be a good time to move forward again with confidence and improve situations that were not working.

April 18-19

Both the Sun and Moon are exalted now. Each year, these two powerful days are supreme for manifesting and beginning new projects. Now is an auspicious time to make important purchases, or perhaps invest in new equipment or even in businesses. But in general, these are also excellent days for growth and developing the only true wealth that there is: our spiritual awareness. The courage of the exalted Sun in connection with the exalted Moon also work together to align both the masculine and feminine.

April 20-21

The Moon is in Gemini, aspected by Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius. This supports a restless mind with a lot of curiosity. At the same time, the aspects from Saturn and Mars may bring some agitation. This extra stimulation and stress could also lead to miscommunication and arguments. Yet this restless curiosity could also help reveal the source of your inspiration. These aspects are especially good for teachers, researchers, and other seekers.

April 29

There is a Full Moon in Libra today. This Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Aries. We’ve been in this Aries cycle for a couple weeks now. And this Full Moon harmonizes the individuality of Aries with the cooperation and consensus-building of Libra. In order to fully realize your potential as an individual, you must learn to harmonize with others and get along with them. Now is an excellent time to learn that lesson.

This Full Moon happens in Swati Nakshatra, which is related to service. The deity of this Nakshatra is Lord Hanuman, who is a powerful devotee of Lord Rama. Hanuman is also symbolic of the power of the breath and prana making today a good day for yoga and spiritual practices.