meditation for Vedic Astrology April 2019

Jyotish Forecast for April

The forecast for Vedic Astrology April 2019 teaches us that one of our most important spiritual lessons is to learn howto  live in the world and yet be connected to the world beyond this one. Some important themes for this month include: connecting to our spiritual selves, understanding our beliefs rather than operating from blind faith, and creating clarity.

April 5

There will be a New Moon in Pisces today, which shows a time of creativity, romance, and connecting to things beyond this earth. Pisces is the sign of inspiration, and perhaps escapism. There is a part of you that is in this world but not of this world and that connection to what is beyond is related to Pisces. It’s important to keep one foot in both worlds and connect with your spiritual self.

This New Moon is in Revati Nakshatra, which is related to “the shepherd” energy. The shepherd leads the soul home after a weary journey. This New Moon happens at the last degrees of the zodiac, where the soul is completing its course. Just relax and surrender into your higher self now.

April 11

Jupiter turns retrograde in Sagittarius until August 12, this supports reflecting on your teachings and inspirations. It’s important to check in emotionally and psychologically with what inspires you and the teachings you are following. Notice how well you understand your beliefs and how much is just blind faith. These will be important themes for the next couple of months.

April 14

Sun enters Aries, his sign of exultation. For the next 30 days you will feel a renewed sense of confidence and power. This is a great month to build your career and become more clear on your life purpose. Bringing your actions into alignment with your higher purpose and sense of courage will be easy for the next 30 days. But you may be in too much of a hurry. So notice how your relationships may suffer, and make sure to combine patience with ambition.

April 19

There will be a Full Moon in Libra, which harmonizes the assertive and individualism of Aries. You may feel the need to slow down and reflect. Notice how much you may be only living for yourself and your own desires and goals. Libra is a sign of compromise and yielding to another’s wishes. It will be important to honor the other person’s wishes equal to your own.

This Full Moon is in Chitra Nakshatra, which relates to passion and creativity. The ruler of this Nakshatra is the celestial architect. It could be a great day of creativity and finding joy. But it’s also a day for being the architect of a better relationship and more conscious interaction with your partner or other people in your life.

April 26

Saturn and the South Node join in close proximity until October making this one of the most intense cycles of the entire year. There may be social ramifications such as restrictions on legal issues and government officials. But you will also notice the effect in your personal life, where there could be a shattering of illusions around what inspires you and what you believe in.

Be ready to have your paradigm changed, shattered, and pressured for the next several months, starting now.

April 30

Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius until September 18. When Saturn turns retrograde, we reflect on our commitments and where we are going in life. We are meant to recalibrate our commitments from time to time. This is why Saturn is retrograde almost half the time. This is a great opportunity to become clear about what inspires you and where you are going in your life.