Vedic Astrology December 2015 – January 2016 by Sam Geppi 

In times of change, having the courage to conquer our inner demons can help us fulfill the promise of experiencing inner peace. Be present to what may bring some explosiveness throughout the upcoming months. Remain calm and commit to true insight that comes with serious inquiry. The big issues that arise in the new year include ensuring that you are committed to service beyond the individual self. As we move through January, keep the faith, feel how your heart is connected to the heart of others, and pursue a course of study that transcends what is temporary.

December 11

The Sun and Moon come together in Scorpio today, beginning a 30-day cycle of facing our fears and insecurities which will hopefully lead to strengthening them. Scorpio is the sign of emotional depth and willpower—and eventually emotional peace. First we must face our own turmoil and conquer our inner demons if this promise is to be realized. Saturn is also in Scorpio at this time, which can bring with it some feelings of sadness and regret. We must be careful not to brood on the past and instead be present to what is.  


This New Moon happens in Jyeshta Nakshatra, ruled by Lord Indra, the king of the Gods. The energy present now supports the enormous courage necessary to face our battles head on; but note that the battle must be waged internally and not projected onto others.


December 25

This Full Moon in Gemini harmonizes the mind and intellect with our beliefs, so that we are able to understand what we believe to be true. If we cannot explain what we believe, then it is just dogma, dogma which fails to help us in time of need and denys us tolerance for those with different beliefs. You may find yourself unsure of your path and looking for alternative answers, so be watchful of ready-made tidbits of New Age pablum masquerading as wisdom. True insight comes only after serious study and inquiry.


This Full Moon takes place in Ardra Nakshatra, ruled by Lord Shiva. Chaos can take place in this section of the sky, so you may see explosiveness all around you. Remain in the eye of the storm.  


January 5 – January 25

Mercury will be retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius at this time. You will be reflecting on your long-term commitments and measuring them against your deeply held convictions. Are you on track with an inspired life? Are you in service to something bigger yourself and larger than just day-to-day survival? These are the big questions at play now.


January 9

Today the lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu) shift into the Leo/Aquarius axis, where they will be for the next 18 months. This major shift affects the entire planet collectively, as well as all of us personally since the Nodes show where the eclipses will take place for the next 18 months. Globally and personally, we will feel a shift in how power is used as a vehicle to manifest our goals. Emphasize your personal health, vitality, and fitness to maintain balance and support your ability to lead a life of confidence and purpose. Globally, this will be a time of political power plays and financial struggles, as well as increased escalation of war and strife.


January 10

The Sun and Moon join in Sagittarius, initiating a 30-day cycle of faith and seeking higher purpose. Sagittarius is the energetic pattern that comes after the soul-searching and emotional turbulence of Scorpio. Now, we are ready for a higher purpose to lift us out of the muck of our out-of-control emotions. Embark on a new course of study—one that transcends this world and its problems. Vedic teachings like Yoga, Ayurveda, or Astrology are great to study, as well as those from all wisdom traditions. Keep the faith.

This New Moon takes place in Purva Ashada Nakshatra, which is ruled by the god of the Ocean. This area of the sky represents the power of devotion to focus our mind and keep us on the path. Make sure to not be dogmatic.


January 23

The Moon is full in Cancer now, the sign of sensitive and vulnerable emotions. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the planet of selfless love. It is a foundational need to want to be loved and give love and this comes from the Moon. Most of the time our love and heart feels fragmented and incomplete, and we struggle with experiencing isolation. Unmet desires spoil the promise of love. Expect emotional longings. The remedy: Feel how your heart is connected to the hearts of others.

This Full Moon happens in Pushya Nakshatra, related to the breasts and the desire to nourish. Offer selfless love in the form of service to those in need or to those who are more vulnerable, like animals or people who are elderly or disabled.

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