Fireworks to Celebrate Vedic Astrology December 2018

Jyotish: Vedic Astrology December 2018—January 2019

As we complete the forecast of Astrology December 2018 and move into January 2019, Mercury goes direct. We are encouraged to fight the good fight. And it is now time to recommit to the deeper principles that give our life direction.

December 6

The New Moon is in Scorpio today with retrograde Mercury and Jupiter. For the next 30 days we will feel that intense probing of Scorpio, as we explore our psychological tendencies and vulnerabilities. Reflect on and evaluate your emotional entanglements and connections. Gain control of your spiritual path and deeper feelings. Beware, because this time can lead to frustration and projection onto others if you are not fully doing the work.

This New Moon is in Jyeshta Nakshatra, which is ruled by the king of the gods, Lord Indra. Now is the time to fight the good fight, and do battle with your own weaknesses, not the weaknesses of others.

December 7

Mercury turns direct in Scorpio today, ending his three-week retrograde cycle. For the past several weeks you may have been reflecting on your psychology and trying to better understand why you become emotionally and psychologically confused at times. With this shift, you can feel some of that confusion untangling. It’s a great time for self-expression, especially through words and language. Schedule time for the important practices of writing and journaling.

December 22

The Full Moon will happen in Gemini, which encourages our reflections on language, curiosity, and details. This Full Moon is opposite Sagittarius, where we are looking to understand the deeper principles that give our life direction. Question those beliefs, and bring more curiosity to the table. This is a great time for mantras and deeper spiritual practices related to speech.

Today’s Full Moon happens in Ardra Nakshatra. This supports bringing discipline and power into your practices and daily life. You must be willing to discard things that are not working in order to evolve spiritually.

December 23

Mars enters Pisces today, where it will remain for the next several weeks. Mars in Pisces is a time to fight for your spiritual purposes and causes. Pisces is connected to the idea of metaphysical union with the cosmos. We may often experience this as a form of escapism, or perhaps being “checked out.” But we can also “check-in,” as we maintain discipline in our spiritual practices and in our lives. The transit of Mars in Pisces is the embodiment of the “spiritual warrior” energy.

January 1

Venus enters Scorpio after being in Libra for three months. We have been experiencing the transit of Venus through her own sign of Libra since September. This is been a time to work on our relationships and our agreements. Yet, this shift of Venus entering Scorpio increases our volatility and vulnerability. You may experience some intensity, and even a break with partners. Perhaps it is only temporary, but you may notice the need to spend some time by yourself as the new year begins.

January 5

Today’s New Moon takes place in Sagittarius with Mercury and Saturn. This begins a 30-day cycle of hope, inspiration, and purpose. Explore what inspires you, rather than simply trying to protect your fears and vulnerabilities. Sagittarius is symbolized by a bow and arrow, focused on the goal. We need to stay on the straight and narrow course if we’re going to truly evolve. Notice how you may be talking the talk but not walking in integrity. The conjunction with Mercury and Saturn brings a rational and playful quality to the next 30 days.

This New Moon happens in Purva Ashada Nakshatra which has to do with devotion to a higher purpose. This devotion must sink deep into the heart in order to govern us from a place of love and joy so we can experience the types of teachings that endure.

January 19-24

Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Scorpio, bringing great healing and understanding to our relationships and our spiritual lives. Often, Jupiter and Venus are at odds with each other, creating the choice between worldly happiness and spiritual progress. We may feel those things come together now in a higher form of devotion and teaching. Ultimately we need to reclaim the awareness that the highest beauty and joy in life comes from our spiritual purpose.

January 21

Today’s Full Moon is in Cancer with Rahu. This combination connects us deeply to our emotions and heart. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, so it reveals where we can be established in deep emotional sensitivity, or end up experiencing emotional volatility and disarray. The conjunction with Rahu amplifies potential. This is important to purify the heart and mind in life—and we will experience that need for purity today. Experiences with trusted loved ones, including animals and pets, can be a healing balm.

This New Moon happens in Pushya Nakshatra, which is symbolically related to the udders of a cow. This aspect of the energy of the sign Cancer just wants to feed and nourish others. We therefore have a deep longing to care for and protect those who need our love and care.