Woman Meditating for Vedic Astrology December 2019

The transition of this year—and this decade—has some intense energy. The Vedic Astrology December 2019 forecast includes some transits that support increasing commitment to meditation practice, bringing greater beauty into your life, letting go of being bound to old ways of thinking, cultivating skillful communication, and connecting to a deeper source of wisdom.

Jyotish Forecast: Vedic Astrology December 2019

December 11

There is a Full Moon in Taurus today. This brings a sense of stability and peace in contrast to the probing, restlessness of Scorpio, which is the sign of the Sun and the site of the recent New Moon. The Taurus Full Moon Cycle is a time to harmonize and integrate the transformation of Scorpio with the structure and foundation of Taurus. The motto at this time could be: The more things change the more they stay the same. But now is also a time to bring greater beauty into your life, especially with friends and family.

This Full Moon will be in Mrigashira Nakshatra, ruled by the head of a deer and related to the restless wandering that seeks variety and something new. This is the time to shed the rusty chains that keep you bound to old ways of thinking.

December 16

Venus will be in Saturn’s signs, and in what is known as great friend dignity (an auspicious position), until early February. This is good for romantic relationships and all negotiated agreements. It is also a good time for being humble and appreciative of others. The desire for connection comes from Venus while the desire to stabilize and make a commitment comes from Saturn. This is why Venus is dignified in Saturn’s signs.

December 25

Today has both a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This will be a very intense Christmas because of the eclipse, as well as a conjunction with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and Moon in Sagittarius. Be mindful not to get too “fired up” about your beliefs today. Sagittarius is a sign of religion and higher beliefs, and can include being fanatical about those beliefs. However, there is also a lot of potential for deeper insight, especially if you are a spiritual person or have an authentic spiritual practice – like meditation. Beyond that, try to be more of a peacemaker and not a bomb thrower.

This New Moon / Eclipse will be in Mula Nakshatra, related to the goddess Kali. This is a destructive goddess whose fierce dance destroys worlds and decapitates people’s false ideas. Enough said.

December 26

Mars is in Scorpio until early February starting today. Greater concentration, discipline, and self-mastery will be flowing. But you may also get into emotional struggles with others, so be careful about being baited into ridiculous arguments and battles of will. Those who are insecure will be ready for battle. The remedy is to connect with a deeper source of wisdom. This is an especially good time for your meditation practices and personal discipline routines.