Vedic Astrology Forecast Moon for February

In the Vedic Astrology Forecast for February 2017, it is important to note that there are two eclipses in February; these eclipses reveal a deep connection to the heart aligned with feelings of civic duty and responsibility. In addition, important planets in Pisces and Virgo draw out our need to put spiritual principles into practice.

February 1 

The Moon is in Pisces with Mars and Venus aspected by Jupiter in Virgo. Pisces is a sign of expansiveness, mysticism, and the potential for a bit of escapism in the mix. These are all qualities of the planet Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces. As a result of these attributes, we experience greater degrees of what feels watery, emotional, and psychological today, as we attempt to bridge this world with things not of this world. At this time, the planets Mars and Venus are close to the Earth, so in addition to providing a beautiful light show in the sky, the proximity of these two celestials will fire up our passions.

February 6 

Jupiter turns retrograde from now through early June. This Jupiter retrograde cycle is a time that supports our ability to reflect on what inspires us. Jupiter is currently in Virgo, which strengthens things that we find intellectually inspiring as we try to organize our inspiration in sensible ways. For the next several months, expect some deep reflection and scrutiny of your beliefs as well as the teachers you follow. This reflection is important as it is necessary for your beliefs to make sense, otherwise they may remain shallow and dogmatic. While this is active, be careful of falling into excess skepticism.

February 10 

This Full Moon also takes place with a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. Eclipses occur when the orbits of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth align along the same plane in three-dimensional space. When this happens, the energies of our body, mind, and spirit can also align around the themes of the eclipse. At this time the Moon will be eclipsed, an energy that puts emphasis on our emotions. With this eclipse in the sign Cancer, we experience an opportunity to explore the depths beneath the emotional fluctuations and disturbances that keep us disconnected from the true peace and love in our heart. Expect to feel some of these emotional disturbances today and allow this emotional intensity to take you deeper into the heart.

This Full Moon is in Alesha Nakshatra, a position that can reveal underlying emotional stress and intensity, especially as it relates to personal desires. Connect with your selfless love rather than your personal desires. Devotion to larger causes, people, or animals can take you to a place of stillness.

February 13 and 14 

The Moon is in Virgo, joined Jupiter and aspected by Venus and Mars in Pisces. Now we are experiencing an odd mixture of hopefulness (Jupiter), meticulousness (Virgo), desire and passion (Mars and Venus aspecting), and a dreamy escapism (Pisces). This is a great time to both feel grounded in the details of this world and poised to transcend or dissolve beyond them. Examine the teachings that inspire you and scrutinize them in order to better put them into practice. This might be a time when you could get into conflicts with your teachers. There can also be a lot of transcendent romance and passion. It is a very rich time indeed!

February 20 and 21 

The Moon is joined Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn moved into Sagittarius on January 26, encouraging our ability to focus on what inspires us, rather than what we fear. The Moon in Sagittarius positioned Saturn draws our attention inward toward that inspiring purpose. However, there is a tendency to feel isolated and depressed when the Moon joins Saturn. Instead of retreating from the world into a belief system based on fantasy or escapism, retreat into a truly hopeful heart space that leads to a deeper meditation and facilitates a connection to your true self.

February 26 

Tonight’s New Moon will result in a Solar Eclipse in the sign Aquarius. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse begins a new cycle supporting civic duty and responsibility and what world vision we are serving, both individually and collectively. Recent social trends and politics have presented a choice between protectionism and inclusion. These are significant themes for all of us at this time. Are we in service of a more inclusive, multicultural world or one that collapses around the needs of the few? Now is the time to align your individuality with a higher cause. It will be important to turn adversaries into allies.

This New Moon is in Shatabishak Nakshatra, which literally means a “hundred medicines.” Complex problems demand complex solutions. At this time we may need to visit many different philosophies. It is important for us all to think outside the box and be unconventional in our approach.

February 27 and 28 

The Moon is in Pisces with Venus and Mars, just like it was at the beginning of the month. But now, after having gone through the recent Eclipse and Aquarius cycle, we are feeling much more spacious and expansive and we are collectively leaning toward a more utopian vision for the world. Find inspiration in the beauty of the world, and commit to the work needed to transform that beauty into something more than what exists merely for our personal enjoyment.

Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is the author of Yoga and Vedic Astrology and The Ascendant—108 Planets of Vedic Astrology. He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science which offers three levels of certification programs in Vedic Astrology. Currently the Academy has more than 120 students enrolled. Visit Sam’s website at: