Vedic Astrology February 2018

Jyotish/Vedic Astrology February 2018 Forecast

February is characterized by aspects that ask us to summon our courage and resilience in order to build strength in the midst of challenges. Practicing discipline, facing reality, and examining our values are important remedies now.

February 2-4

The Sun will be closely joined Ketu in Capricorn which may exacerbate self-doubt, especially in your business life. If you are already lacking confidence about yourself and your path, you may be undermined by your own insecurity. However, if you are on track in your business, and your sense of identity and your personal strength are both solid, this could be a great time for advancing your personal and business goals. This may include personal fitness and inner resilience as well as focusing the level of impact you have on the world.

February 8-9

The Moon will be closely joined Mars in Scorpio which could be very intense emotionally. Be careful of volatile emotional eruptions and jealousy. However, this could also be a time where you summon enormous emotional courage. What typically happens during this cycle is that we experience some kind of a big blowup and then we need to summon the courage afterward to face the mess we just created!

Mars is powerful when it is placed in Scorpio, its ruler. This aspect supports renewed discipline. Yet at the same time, the Moon is debilitated here which can lead to a situation where toxic insecurities undermine your personal strength.

February 11-12

The Moon will join Saturn in Sagittarius, so heavy emotions are forecast to continue for several days. You could experience disappointment with your teachers and with others in general. This may be a time when it would be beneficial to establish better boundaries or be more realistic about what you believe as well as the people you believe in. Be prepared for a shocking disappointment or feelings of limitation. Instead of externalizing these experiences, and blaming the other, look at your own projections and false hopes. Face them squarely.

February 15

There is a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius today, which illuminates an awareness of our cultural duties and responsibilities. Your social, cultural, and political life are at the forefront now. This Eclipse has the Lunar Node in Capricorn, which indicates inner conflict, as you juggle your own personal and material needs (as well as your family needs) with your social duties and responsibilities.

February 15: Solar Eclipse Aspects

This Solar Eclipse happens in Dhanishta Nakshatra, which relates to the archetype of Lord Shiva’s drum of creation. When you are able to fully establish values both personal and cultural, it can lead to increased wealth and money at this time. Remember that the greater wealth is always in the spiritual values and services you can share.

February 16-17

The Moon is in Aquarius aspected by Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. This continues the influx of energy on the aforementioned social, Aquarian themes of the Eclipse. Jupiter offers hope and meaning while Saturn strengthens commitment and focus. Mars provides the courage to face obstacles and enemies along with the strength to overcome them. You may advance rapidly in the areas of life related to Aquarius: service and social connections. Take time to manage the challenging or shadow side of this aspect so that fanaticism, fear, and aggression do not undermine you.

February 21-22

Jupiter in Libra is aspecting the Moon in Aries which has the tendency to bring relationship issues to the forefront of your life. If you have a different spiritual path than your partner, you may face some battles now. Relationships thrive when there is shared vision. Sometimes that vision comes through children or another common purpose. At this time, you will be examining your relationship through that lens to see if it passes muster. If not, expect fireworks.

?February 23-24

The Moon is exalted in Taurus aspected by Mars in Scorpio. This continues intensity in relationships, yet from a more thoughtful place. This could be a time of boundaries, when the connection of Taurus supports feeling settled and the courage of Mars in Scorpio gives you the willingness to draw a clear line in the sand. When we compromise against our values and principles, we can become frustrated later. Now is the time to support equanimity through setting boundaries; but beware, as you may only find the center after getting bounced around on the extremes.

February 25-26

Moon is in Gemini aspected by Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. This is the same aspect that affected Aquarius on February 16 and 17. The triple aspect brings together hope, commitment, and courage, and supports forward momentum in the Gemini areas of life, which relate to communication, speech, and exploring your interests. Be wary, though, of becoming too fired up about things, especially with the Mars/Jupiter connection as your ideas may become fanatical. If you have significant planets in Gemini, now can be an important time for you.