Beautiful Flowers Vedic Astrology February 2020

Beauty, Devotion, and Spiritual Medicine for Astrology February 2020

Beauty is the theme of the month for the forecast when we look at the transits in Vedic Astrology February 2020. Since Venus represents beauty and creativity, its movements throughout the next few weeks are provide energetic support for our connections to beauty. Beyond Valentine’s Day, use the time well for devotional pursuits that lead to the spiritual medicine the world needs now.

February 3

Venus is exalted in Pisces until February 28, so expect to feel a sense of beauty and creativity settle into your life. Now is a good time to connect with your romantic partners, and do your best to repair those relationships. But you may also put a lot of pressure on them, which can leads to disappointment. Ultimately we are looking for a higher and more sublime connection to beauty and to the source of that beauty.

February 8

Today Mars enters Sagittarius until March 22, making this a great time to defend those things that you think are right. Fight the good fight, but try not to destroy your enemies in the process. After all, it is the principle that are worth fighting for, not the people. Align with the highest good now and show up with courage and strength. But again, watch the anger.

February 9

There will be a Full Moon in Cancer today, which brings an emotional contrast to the recent New Moon in Capricorn. Feel the sensitivity and connection to your heart. This sensitivity helps to contrast the practical, rational, and even fearful nature of Capricorn. Balancing the long-term, rational commitments with the emotions and feelings in the moment is significant now.

This happens in the Nakshatra of Aslesha, related to a coiled serpent. This serpent can take us to the depths of devotion. We do well to align our devotion with pure teachings rather than our personal desires.

February 17

Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius until March 10. This is a time to reflect on our ideas and to discover how to best share them with our tribe. Use this Mercury retrograde cycle to evaluate your language and communication style—look to see if these are really beneficial. Are they bringing you closer to your personal goals or your collective goals, or is it all just about trying to get what you want? Notice how well you are accepted in your chosen group and how your words have contributed to that acceptance.

February 23

The New Moon in Aquarius begins 30 days that support looking toward your collective goals and inspirations. Are you ready to “Be the change” that you imagine? We all feel a certain duty and obligation to leave the world better than we found it. Now is the time to look higher than just your own personal ambitions and turn your gaze toward something more worthwhile – toward something worth sacrificing for.

This happens in the Nakshatra of Shatbishak, related to what is known as the “100 doctors.” This is a great time for deeper, metaphysical healing. You can play your part in that global healing. The planet, society and its individuals all need deep spiritual medicine now.