introspection on the dock vedic astrology forecast

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Vedic Astrology Forecast December 2017/January 2018

As we transition from one calendar year into another, the aspects of the Vedic Astrology Forecast of this time support reflection and introspection. This is also a time for us to uncover our fears and to reexamine our relationship with spiritual practices and teachings. Be careful of being caught up in dogma and instead examine your biases. Set healthy boundaries in your relationships and cultivate your creativity.

January also brings up our relationship with time. If we are resolute enough to face life’s deeper issues – including making the best use of our limited time on earth—we may find our relationship with time shifts.

December 2

There will be a Full Moon in Taurus today. This Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Scorpio, which balances the emotional restlessness of Scorpio with the practical and earthy stability of Taurus. This Full Moon is a time to connect with family, friends and enjoyable experiences. Aligning with the beauty and joy of life is necessary as we navigate and integrate the volatility of this Scorpio cycle.

December Full Moon

The Full Moon is in Rohini Nakshatra which has to do with creativity and sharing beauty. This is a time to seek out the things that make you happy. Let them take you straight to the source of happiness itself.

December 3-22

Mercury will be retrograde from December 3-22, moving from Sagittarius into Scorpio. Now is the time to reflect on the story you have about how to change your life. During this particular Mercury retrograde cycle, we must be willing to evaluate how dogma and judgment can undermine our discrimination. Ask yourself some of the following questions: What are your judgments protecting you from? What fears are revealed when you examine this question? Take this month to allow time for introspection and to slow down your thinking and communication.

December 17

There will be a New Moon in Sagittarius today, which begins a 30-day cycle marked by hope and inspiration. At the same time, you must be careful not to fall back on dogmas and slogans. Instead, this aspect allows you to examine—and hopefully elevate—authentic teachings and spirituality. Examine your opinions and biases and most importantly, connect to true spiritual teachings and their practices.

December New Moon

This New Moon is joined Saturn, which brings a sense of duty and commitment into this cycle. It will be important for you to spend time in solitude now. You may feel less social than normal this holiday season.

The New Moon is in Mula Nakshatra, which is at the very beginning of Sagittarius. This is a cycle when you uproot incorrect beliefs and teachings in order to plant seeds of truth.

January 1, 2018

There will be a Full Moon in Gemini today. This Full Moon is the point of contrast to the December 17 New Moon in Sagittarius. In order to examine your biases and preconceptions, you need curiosity, flexibility, humor, and the other virtues of Gemini. This is a time to fearlessly challenge those things that give you hope, so you can better understand them.

Ponder this: Your beliefs don’t actually make sense to you unless you can explain them and unless you understand how they work. This is the problem of Sagittarius, which represents dogma. The Full Moon in Gemini helps you unwind that dogmatic stance. You also may be questioning your attachment to relationships and other people at this time, based on the aspect of Saturn.

January Full Moon

The Full Moon is in Ardra Nakshatra, ruled by Lord Shiva. This could lead to feelings of destruction and the need to destroy your attachments. Be careful of relationships. Rather than destroy them, understand the need for space and healthy boundaries.

January 5-10

Venus is Combust in Sagittarius, which reveals greater potential for relationship frustration. Your partners may disappoint you. Be careful not to take it out on them. Instead use this energy to aim high toward God and your higher purpose. There is a lot of intense devotion possible, yet at the same time the potential for immense disappointment and frustration with others. However, through it all, a deeper compassion is possible, and even necessary. This combination of factors could be difficult for relationships of all kinds including friendships. If you are a creative type, this aspect could be a great catalyst for music, art, and other kinds of creative projects.

January 16

Today’s New Moon in Capricorn begins a 30-day cycle of introspection, solitude, and facing your tangible fears. Among these is the fear of death itself. You may feel old and slow and a little hopeless. Even though this is never fun, it can bring us down to earth and make us face the things we usually want to avoid. Get serious and face those deeper issues. It is also a great time to recommit to the most important things in your life. We only have so much time. You will feel that pressure of time for the next 30 days.

January New Moon

This New Moon is in Uttara Ashada Nakshatra, which has to do with the victory of the soul over the concept of “time.” It also shows our smaller victories, the day-to-day challenges we need to overcome. We do this by connecting to our passion and focusing on the truth day after day.

January 18

Mars moves into Scorpio today, which shows a time of emotional courage and discipline. Rather than being frustrated with those things we cannot control, now is the time to explore our vulnerabilities and strengthen them. The only way to do that is through disciplined actions and the willingness to endure the hardship that comes with spiritual gain. But a word of caution, there is a high probability that you may become emotionally combative and jealous and blame others for your misery at some point.