Vedic Astrology Forecast February 2019

Vedic Astrology Forecast February 2019

Early in the month of February, the New Moon offers us the opportunity to recalibrate our commitments. On the spiritual path, we learn to connect to our inner voice and allow that guidepost to point us in the direction of inspiration. When our traditions help us find our truth, then we are in the midst of power that is real and that restores us.

New Moon on February 4

The New Moon in Capricorn launches a 30-day cycle of consolidating resources as well as experiencing greater solitude and cultivating introspection. We may also experience quite a bit of emotional pressure and stress. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so it shows the weight of time bearing down on us. The best we can do is approach this pressure with maturity and dignity. It’s also a good time to recalibrate your commitments and see what is worth focusing on and what is worth letting go of through this cycle.

This New Moon happens in Shravana Nakshatra, related to listening and hearing. This is a great time to quiet the mind, listen to your deep inner voice and allow that voice to connect you to all things.

Full Moon on February 19

The Full Moon in Leo connects the heart and mind with a fiery individualism. Often this comes at the expense of our relationships and our deep personal connections. Be careful. Use this time to clarify and illuminate your personal passions. But remember: there’s no need to torch your relationships in the process. Follow your inspiration.

This Full Moon happens in Magha Nakshatra which relates to legacy and family. Magha Nakshatra also connects us to the true source of our power, which is our spiritual teachings and traditions.