Person with dog astrology forecast for October

Caring for Animals is important in the Astrology Forecast for October

One of the aspects of Jyotish is the ability to identify the flow of energy throughout the year. The astrology forecast for October reveals some auspicious times for deepening our practice. The month begins with opportunities for closure, compromise, and consensus. Caring for animals and each other is important this month. Throughout October, maintain a devotional connection to everything beyond yourself. In moments when you may lose confidence, keep the faith and maintain your clarity of vision.

October 4

Venus enters Libra where it will be for the next several weeks. Libra is the sign in which Venus, the planet of joy and relationships, is the strongest. For the next several weeks, there will be many opportunities to smooth over difficult relationships, create compromise, and find consensus with others. It’s also a great time for engaging in other forms of creativity, appreciating beauty, and enjoying life.

October 13

Today’s Full Moon in Pisces begins a 30-day cycle related to creativity, higher inspiration, and purpose. This cycle also supports connections to something beyond this Earth. But at the same time, be careful of the tendency toward escapism and checking out. Now is a time for service and devotion to something higher. This can lead to gurus, deeper wisdom, sacred teachings, and metaphysics. Be careful of boundaries because the longing to merge will be strong, but you are still in a body on the Earth.

This Full Moon will be in Revati Nakshatra, a section of the sky that is related to the Shepherd, the one who leads the soul home after a long and weary journey. Caring for the underprivileged, as well as for animals, is important at this time.

October 18

The Sun will be debilitated in Libra for 30 days which may result in feeling a lack of confidence. Be wary of giving up on your vision in order to make others happy. The Sun represents the part of your mind and consciousness that wants to transcend beyond your own confidence along with other people’s opinions. You do not need permission to shine brightly. Remember those who benefit from your light and power and serve them, rather than serving your comfort zone.

October 27

Today’s New Moon in Libra starts 30-day cycle with a focus on relationships, diplomacy, and happiness. Finding a sense of joy and connection with others is important. This is an ideal month to make progress with your interpersonal relationships, especially intimate ones. But we may also develop attachments to others as the source of our happiness. Be careful losing yourself in others.

This New Moon will be in Swati Nakshatra, which has to do with prana and how to effectively manage our pranic energy. We frequently waste our energy in useless desires, including unsupportive relationships, excess stimulation, or sexuality without intimacy.