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Jyotish for June

According to the cycles identified in Vedic Astrology Forecast June, 2019, this summer is a time period of heightened growth and attention to meaningful life lessons as well as opportunities to become immersed in higher wisdom teachings.

June 3

Today’s New Moon in Taurus begins 30-day cycle of focusing on wealth, family structures, and other solid themes in your life. For the next 30 days you may be tempted to sell your values short and compromise too much in order to maintain structure and stability. However, now is a good time to feel that solid ground beneath your feet. Slow down and be present. Enjoy beauty, friends, and family this month.

The Nakshatra of this Full Moon is Rohini, which literally means “growth” or “growing.” It shows the natural tendency in human beings to be creative and to find the joy in creativity.

June 7-12

Jupiter is in Scorpio and is exactly retrograde. At the very least, look up in the sky and feel that radiant joy of higher teaching and expansion. This comes from Jupiter. Now is the time to take those inspiring teachings into the depths of your heart and soul. This supports spiritual devotion. The presence of Jupiter in Scorpio transforms the vulnerability and emotional triggering of Scorpio to a deeper devotional state.

June 15-16

There is a Jupiter / Moon conjunction in Scorpio today, aspected by Venus. Gaze up in the night sky and see that beautiful moon, almost full, next to Jupiter. This configuration also promotes deeper devotion, and embodying higher wisdom, especially the wisdom that comes from what you are able to learn from and change in your lives as a result of facing your fears.

Since the Full Moon is approaching, emotions are running high. Be careful of the toxic ones. The aspects of Venus from Taurus reveal some important life lessons in relationships and perhaps money or values.

June 17

Today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius brings the optimism and hope of Sagittarius and presents that in contrast to the literal and detail-oriented energy of Gemini. June’s is the first of two Full Moons in secretaries this year. This Full Moon continues Jupiter’s theme growth and expansion that have been at play for the past couple of days. Connect with your teachers and the joy that comes from pure wisdom. Be thankful to the ancestors who have preserved the sacred traditions.

The Nakshatra of this Full Moon is Mula. This word means “root,” which describes the need to go deeply into the root of any problems in your life. Pull out the false teachings and plant seeds of truth now.