Vedic Astrology Forecast October 2018

The Vedic Astrology Forecast October, 2018, begins with aspects that revisit this summer’s eclipse energy, sparking some possible volatility. Practice the spiritual art of compromise and learn to manage life’s details. As the month progresses, we’re asked to excavate the darker corners of our personal and collective psyches to overcome fear, swim in the deep end of the emotional pool, and then to unite our energies with a higher purpose.

October 3-4

The Moon joins Rahu in Cancer today which revisits some of the eclipse energy that we experienced over the summer. Emotions could be volatile and there could be some toxicity. So be careful with unhealthy projections. On the more positive side, it’s a great day to spend time with family and others with whom you feel comfortable.

October 5

Venus turns retrograde today, and it will continue to be retrograde until November 16. You may feel some interruption with your agreements, including romantic relationships, until that time. The deeper spiritual lesson is compromise, and learning to strike a good bargain. Sure, we all want to be happy, but what happens when the object of our affections and desires disappoints us? How much peace, love, and happiness can we experience and share in that situation? Now is the time to deepen all of your personal relationships.

October 8

The New Moon is in Virgo today, which begins a 30-day cycle of organizing your life and structuring your kingdom in the most intelligent way. Life is in the details, and your success is dependent on your skill with managing them. But you have to be careful to not get too attached or overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.

This Full Moon is in Hasta Nakshatra, which relates to manifesting what you imagine and turning it into a concrete form. The next 30 days are important for taking those dreams out of your head and bringing them into the world so everyone can benefit from them.

October 10-11

The Moon is in Libra with Venus and Mercury, which brings relationship issues into the forefront. Venus is the ruler of Libra, so this energy is primed for intelligent action. At the same time, it is related to the desires that connect us intimately to other people. Sharing beauty, art and creativity – as well as sex and other things we enjoy will be important. This is also a great time to learn from others in your life, and to communicate what’s important with them.

October 11

Jupiter enters Scorpio, where it will be for the next year. Jupiter is a planet of inspiration, hope, and higher meaning. It reveals our larger personal and societal lessons. In September, 2017, when Jupiter entered Libra, we saw the rise of the #MeToo movements as well as other important social issues.

Now, with Jupiter entering Scorpio for the next year, we should expect to see some deeper, darker issues coming to light and coming to justice. On a personal level, is a great time to excavate those darker corners of our psyche, and overcome our fear of the dark.

October 12-13

The Moon joins Jupiter in Scorpio. A deeper, psychological triggering may occur. Be careful not to react with negative emotions, like jealousy or paranoia. Jupiter just entered Scorpio, so this gives us the opportunity to feel the expansive possibilities in the darker corners of our psyche. Now is the time to swim in the deeper end of the pool.

October 14-18

These are a few intense days, when the Moon joins Saturn in Sagittarius, then Mars and Ketu in Capricorn. On October 14-16, you may feel a sense of expansion and hope, mixed with commitment and seriousness. In fact, you will feel the pressure to commit what inspires you. On October 17-18, there will be some frustration and anxiety, when Mars and Ketu join the Moon in Capricorn. Resist the urge to fight with those who you feel are making you weak. Instead, look within and strengthen your own resolve and emotional weakness.

October 24

The Moon is full in Aries and aspected by Mars. With these fiery aspects, you will need to be careful of irrational blowups today. This is an excellent day for introspection, like all Full Moon days. But with all of that Aries heat, it is likely that you will need to do some vigorous physical activity first. This Full Moon sets off a two week cycle of releasing selfishness and letting go of narcissistic tendencies. Doing this allows you to integrate the Libra principle, which is focused on compromise and sharing.

This Full Moon is in Aswini Nakshatra, which is represented by twin horses, galloping quickly with enthusiasm. This is analogous to the energy in the form of prana that is moving through your body and mind. You must unite that energy with a higher purpose, or else it will take you off course.

October 26-27

The Moon in Taurus is opposite Jupiter in Scorpio. This is a powerful Moon, close to being full and very bright. It’s possible to feel a deep emotional peace and connection, mixed with higher inspiration and purpose. This is time to unite stability and transformation. These are two important qualities in life. We need to cultivate solid, core values. They become the structure through which we evolve and transform into higher dimensions.