Vedic Astrology Forecast September 2018 Commit to Meditation

Vedic Astrology Forecast: Commit to Meditation Practice

Throughout our lives, we are being asked to live our purpose and to connect with our integrity. These are particularly meaningful themes now. Commit to your meditation practice for clarity and mental peace, share your life with others in a spirit of generosity, and see the spiritual in the worldly.

September 2-3

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, making this a good time to connect with your family and friends and to engage in experiences that bring happiness. Sometimes, we are pursuing happiness because we are searching for peace. Taurus is a sign that supports our ability to feel satisfied with the simple pleasures. But we have to keep in mind the goal of mental peace. This is achieved by meditation and stilling the mind.

September 4-5

The Moon is in Gemini, aspected by Jupiter and Saturn, making this a powerful time for exploring new and interesting ways of doing things in everyday life. Gemini is a sign of exploring new interests and communicating about interesting ideas. The dual aspects of Jupiter and Saturn bring seriousness and focus (Saturn) as well as inspiration (Jupiter) to those explorations, interests, and ideas. This is a great time for higher study and learning.

September 9

Today we have the New Moon in Leo, which begins a 30-day cycle related to personal power and sharing our inner light in the highest and brightest way. This often translates to illuminating our business and career. But it can also reveal the impact we make in our family and community. Use your power wisely. A good ruler shares their power with the kingdom; they don’t rob from their citizens. The same is true in your family, career, and other places in your life in which you feel empowered.

This New Moon takes place in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, ruled by the god of delight. Nothing feels better than to share your life with others in a spirit of generosity. Beware of getting caught up in laziness and indulgence at this time.

September 12-13

The Moon is in Libra with Venus and Jupiter, making this a good time for cultivating relationships and connecting them to a higher purpose. Be cautious of the inner conflict between that larger, higher purpose of Jupiter and feeling that your desires and happiness are connected to other people. Is your relationship taking away from your spiritual growth? Many times this is the case. Try to see the spiritual in the worldly.

September 17-18

The Moon is in Sagittarius with Saturn, bringing a mixture of focus and commitment (Saturn) with a higher purpose and goal (Sagittarius). We are all looking for a higher purpose to focus and commit to now. Today you may feel the pressure of this purpose, so take some time to develop clarity around your level of integrity. Are you walking the talk? Or are you more of a preacher than a practitioner?

September 19-21

The Moon is in Capricorn with Mars and Ketu, revealing emotional intensity and power. It may be difficult to sit with that power without blowing up and projecting negative emotions on others. Look up in the sky tonight and see that bright Moon next to a bright Mars. The sign of Capricorn is where we face our emotional fears and sit with them in stillness. And the influence of Ketu reveals the hidden, mystical power at your disposal.

September 22-23

The Moon is in Aquarius aspected by Saturn and Jupiter, putting a strong focus on social causes and larger themes. Your individuality will feel less important than being of service. Saturn aspecting the Moon brings humility and a sense of duty. Jupiter affecting the Moon brings inspiration toward a higher purpose. Serve your tribe today, but also remember to build bridges to other tribes.

September 24

Today the Moon is full in Pisces, making this one of the most mystical days of the year. Pisces is the sign of metaphysics and mysticism, so you may feel like you are living in between worlds. This aspect supports creativity, devotion, and meditation. But now may also be a time of increased escapism and fantasizing. Be careful with the temptation to overindulge in drugs, alcohol, or other kinds of substances today. Instead, pay attention to the messages that are coming through in your dreams. This Full Moon in Pisces can harmonize the tangible, earthly qualities of Virgo – which bridges the practical and the mystical.

This Full Moon is in Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra, ruled by Ahi Bhudnya, the serpent of the deep. This serpent goes down into the holes in our mind and soul and extracts the poison, transforming it into nectar. Lord Shiva worship is powerful today.

September 27-28

The Moon is in Aries aspected by Jupiter and Venus. There is a fiery individuality, mixed with the desire to compromise and search for higher meaning. At this time, we may be projecting a lot onto our partners. Venus is very powerful in Libra, supporting greater diplomacy and compromise. Along with Jupiter, there’s a quest for higher meaning in all relationships, personal and cultural. This may lead to some inner conflict between self and other. Use practice to navigate the search for living a life of meaning.