Moon over Tree

Some of the celestial bodies playing leading roles in the energy of the universe this March include Mars and the Moon. This activates our ability to connect with our passions for taking action in the world as well as to connect with our emotional depths. Find harmony in practices that allow you to be in touch with your devotional heart in order to stay balanced and centered. When Venus moves into a retrograde cycle as the beginning of the month, allow yourself to reflect on your relationship and where you can practice the art of compromise. Enjoy the time this month to throw yourself into your work and find meaning and purpose there.

March 1

Mars enters Aries where it will be until April 13. This shows a time of renewed enthusiasm and courage for meeting your goals with vitality and passion. You may suddenly be bursting with enthusiasm for all your projects so this is a great time to start something big. While you do, make sure to also stay patient and connected to others. People will follow your lead, unless you run roughshod over their needs and desires. Remember to fight the good fight and not just mindlessly compete.

March 4

Venus in Pisces turns retrograde until April 15. This shows a time when relationships go through a period of what feels like backing up, leading us to reflect on our connections with intimate partners, both personal and professional. Venus is the energy of compromise, where our own values and principles are equal to others. Do you always feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick? Would your partners agree with your assessment? Chances are you are not very objective, so pay close attention now to how well you navigate your desires, and focus on harmonizing them with the desires of others.

March 8-9

At this time the Moon is in Cancer and aspected by Mars; this is a time of deep emotions and passion, but the transits active now can run the risk of emotions becoming aggravated and frustrated. Emotional depth is a given when the Moon is in Cancer. But so is emotional exhaustion, if we just ride the surface. Mars brings willfulness and aggression that must be transformed into discipline so a vigorous physical practice will lead to devotion.

March 12

The Full Moon entering Leo with Rahu begins a 30-day cycle of developing healthy emotional confidence. The Sun: the planet of fire, awareness, and purification, rules Leo. These attributes may warm our restless heart—or bring those feelings to a boil. It’s necessary when the Moon is in Leo to elevate our identity beyond the ego and power struggles with others. Connecting to a higher purpose automatically elevates your emotional identity and brings greater confidence.

This Full Moon happens in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, ruled by the God Aryaman, the God of Contracts. Being practical and working together toward higher goals is important now.

March 13-14

The Moon is joined with Jupiter in Virgo and aspected by Saturn, Mercury, and Retrograde Venus. Expect a lot of creative, emotional energy and a lot of possibility and expansion at this time. The power of Goddess Saraswati (the archetypal ruler of wisdom and knowledge) is very active in this transit. It is a time to digest pure (Virgo) and uplifting teachings (Jupiter), combined with the discrimination to understand them (Mercury), the desire to make something beautiful with them (Venus), and the commitment to work hard and be thorough (Saturn). You may find yourself working hard but loving every minute of it.

March 15-19

The Moon is influenced by Mars, with Mars aspecting the Moon on March 15 and 16, which can bring emotional frustration with others and a high potential for arguments. Then the Moon enters Scorpio where it is debilitated from March 17–19, showing stress and vulnerability which could lead to emotional power struggles. Expect that your relationship with intimate partners will feel strained, so don’t take things too personally. Instead, throw yourself into your work and your spiritual practices.

March 20-21

A Moon / Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius brings together the optimism of Sagittarius with the seriousness and focus of Saturn. Since the end of January, our long-term focus has shifted from our fears to our inspirations. Although things may seem bleak at times, we are now re-inspired and reinvigorated. Allow the seriousness and potential stress of Saturn to be a catalyst for a recommitment to your purpose and dharma or purpose.

March 27

The New Moon is in Pisces, joined by Venus Retrograde and aspected by Retrograde Jupiter. This begins a 30-day cycle of deeper devotion, inspiration, and navigating our desires. Pisces is the sign where our worldly identity merges with our metaphysical/otherworldly identities. Through the sign of Pisces all forms of creativity and connection take hold. This is an excellent time for playing or listening to music, spending time in nature, and focusing on spirituality or any other vehicle through which you escape into your deepest self. But this is also a time to be vigilant when it comes to forms of unhealthy escapism, like alcohol, drugs, or even entertainment and TV. You need to escape into your highest self, rather than escape from the pain of your ego. This New Moon happens in Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra, which shows service to the highest truth. This energy is ruled by the servant of the deep, so now is the time to fill the holes in your psyche with love and devotion, in service to the world and your own liberation.

March 29-30

The Moon in Aries with Mars and Mercury shows a time of enthusiasm, combined with intelligent action. But be careful not to fight and argue, especially with the Mars/Mercury conjunction in Aries. This is a placement for using words as weapons. This is also an excellent placement for fulfilling your career goals, especially through communication channels and talking to the right people and the use of diplomacy.

Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is the author of Yoga and Vedic Astrology and The Ascendant—108 Planets of Vedic Astrology. He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science which offers three levels of certification programs in Vedic Astrology. Currently the Academy has more than 120 students enrolled. Visit Sam’s website at: