Courage Vedic Astrology May 2018

Jyotish/Vedic Astrology May 2018

Vedic Astrology May 2018 begins with an attitude of intensity and a reminder that we are not necessarily always in control. Use your practice to surrender and to cultivate courage in action. Throughout the month, we’ll be negotiating passion and enthusiasm as well as times when the best action is no action. Doing nothing is a practice. As we move through the cycles, take time for self-inquiry and turn your attention to devotion. Complete May by scheduling time with friends and make sure to connect with your tribe and your family.

May 1-2

The Moon is in Scorpio now. Scorpio is a sign related to the intensity of our emotions. In particular, we feel the inherent vulnerability of life as well as the acute experience that we are not in control. We have the illusion of control, but this illusion comes at a price. For the next couple of days you may be paying that price, the price of emotional restlessness and stress. In response to this, we often seek to control situations and others. That often shows up as blaming and victimizing others. Instead, take this time to develop the emotional courage to sit with what is, rather than project outward onto others.

May 2

Mars enters Capricorn, where it will be for the next six months. Mars represents that part of ourselves that acts with passion and enthusiasm, mainly in order to feel strong individually. But these actions may come with an intense, even burning quality. This can result in conflict, arguing, and confrontation. But while in Capricorn, Mars is exalted. This supports our ability to be more strategic in these areas. In the highest sense, this is a time when we will take care to NOT destroy our relationships with others. The real damaging aspect of Mars energy is aggression and even violence. Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, makes us aware of these consequences and brings a healthy caution to them.

May 3-7

The Moon is in Sagittarius along with Saturn, then in Capricorn with Mars and Ketu. These five days will be pretty intense and stressful. On May 3-5, we have a very close conjunction of the Moon with Saturn, which can amplify depression and feelings of loneliness. Midway through May 5 and continuing through May 7, we may experience frustration and even anger directed toward others, as the Moon joins Mars and the South Node. Needless to say, these will be challenging times, both personally and globally. Sometimes the best thing to do, is nothing.

May 9-10

The Moon is in Aquarius aspected by Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra. Aquarius is the sign of culture and larger causes. Saturn brings the energy of focus and commitment. And Jupiter manifests the energy of inspiration and purpose. Focus your energy now on things that inspire you. Pay attention to the areas in which you want to make the world a better place. Focus on those long-term goals now.

May 15

Today is the New Moon in Taurus, which begins a 30-day cycle of Taurus energy. This enhances our ability to experience the sensual and pleasurable qualities of life. But we have to be careful not to become addicted to the sensual form. Instead we would do well to remember that enjoyment is just an affirmation from the universe that we are on the right track. The deeper lesson is contentment with what we have as well as with the people around us. Happiness and enjoyment are merely the rewards.

Ask yourself: What makes you happy? It is life’s fleeting pleasures that you are trying to gobble up? Or is it wisdom, love and devotion?

This Full Moon happens in Kritikka Nakshatra, which is ruled by the sun god agni, the god of purification and light. Now is a great time to purify your emotional attachments, and feel that warm glow in your heart that comes from being devoted to truth.

May 19 – 20

The Moon is in Cancer with Rahu, which reveals the potential for enormous devotion. But there is also the potential for toxic emotions overwhelming that deeper, devotional possibility. Emotion is just energy. When it is aligned with God, it becomes devotion. When it is aligned with ego or when this energy is merely trying to satisfy personal desires, it may become pathological. Cultivate awareness as this will be an intensely emotional time. Is your heart full of God or desire?

May 26-27

The Moon is in Libra, joined Jupiter. This is a great time to reevaluate your relationships. In your relationships, consider your hopes, disappointments, and connections. Libra is the sign that promotes our willingness to compromise and be accommodating of others. Jupiter shows what inspires us, but also what disappoints us. These themes are converging now for all of us. Are we compromising because we hope our fantasies will be fulfilled? We all know how that turns out, right?

May 29

There will be a Full Moon in Scorpio today. This Full Moon in Scorpio allows us to harmonize emotional passion and vulnerability with emotional stability and connection, which are the qualities of Taurus. Now is the time for us to be emotionally dynamic and to address our vulnerabilities. This comes in contrast to the energy of Taurus, in which we can be rigid and stuck. Intensity in contrast to stability is the theme now. It is a great time to practice yoga and meditation.

This Full Moon takes place in Anuradha Nakshatra, ruled by the god Mitra, the god of divine friendliness. Spend time with friends today.