Vedic Astrology November 2015 by Sam Geppi

November 2015 is going to be intense. For the majority of the month Mars and the North Node (Rahu) will be joined and very close. This may create explosive situations globally and personally. It will be more important than ever to stay close to your spiritual practices and look for opportunities to balance service to others with self-care.

November 2 – 5
Venus and Mars are in a planetary war in Virgo. The tune “Love is a Battlefield” could be the theme song for this placement. Actually, this energy will persist throughout the entire month, but these few days could mark flash points of change in our relationships.

November 7 – 8
The Moon joins Mars, Venus, and Rahu (the North Node) in Virgo. Shortly after the Venus/Mars war, the Moon (our mind and consciousness), strolls onto the scene. A potential feeling of a bloody aftermath could be heavy on our heart right now. Take care to stay grounded, and not become the victim or victimize others. We also must be careful not to sell our integrity down the drain in order to cling to a (potentially toxic) connection.

November 10 – 14
Mars passes over the North Node in Virgo, to the exact degree. The party continues and the explosive potential multiplies. Being forewarned is important, as you may see others around you exploding and become easily triggered. Yet there is always the potential to remain calm. Sometimes the best you can do is to not react and instead show up and serve; but that may be difficult as you may be facing adversaries that are too hard to ignore.

November 11
The New Moon in Libra, joined Mercury, begins a new cycle of relationship change and compromise. In the midst of these intense Mars conjunctions, we begin this Libra-influenced cycle of appeasement and compromise. For the next 30 days it will be just as important to honor our own inner strength as it is to honor another’s. In fact, we may be challenged to slip on our values and principles in order to please others. We must be wary of this and strike a reasonable balance.

In addition, the Sun is its sign of debilitation, so we will have a tendency to forget our own light and power.

Mercury is also in Libra at this time which brings flexibility and good communication skills.

This New Moon happens in Vishaka Nakshatra, the star of achievement and motivation. Influenced by this, you may experience a deep desire to save the world and make it a better place. Hold a higher vision for yourself and for humanity.

November 12 – 13
The Moon will be in Scorpio with Saturn now, which is another heavy placement. Weve already said that this month is frontloaded with a lot of intensity. Be careful of withdrawing into a shell of insecurity. Instead go deeply into your heart and self and be ever vigilant of the tendency to play the victim.

November 19 – 20
The Moon is in Aquarius aspected by Jupiter in Leo, which finally brings some cosmic energy of hope and inspiration! The Moon in Aquarius contains the feeling of making a big splash in the world. Communicating your higher vision and following through on it could come easily now: Do not shrink from the challenge.

November 25
The Moon will be full in Taurus, promising a return to an ability to more easily access connection and beauty. When the Moon is full our heart is much more open than usual, and the desire to connect with others is also strong. Of course, this also can lead to excessive attachment and clinging if we are not careful. However, this is also a great time to enjoy your friends and family and those things that make you feel at home here on earth.

This Full Moon happens in Rohini Nakshatra. This archetype said to be the favorite wife of the Moon and an energetic place where we can settle with the most ease and comfort. Enjoy it!

November 27 – 30
The Sun is closely joined Saturn in Scorpio now, revealing some insecurities and doubts related to our vision and purpose. The Sun represents vitality, and Saturn shows the mistakes we have made and our desire to avoid them in the future. You may experience a lack of confidence now, and the feeling that your personal tank is low on gas. But take advantage of the support during this time that is available for you to develop your inner vision.

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