Statue and the Sky for Astrology September 2019

As we prepare for the Fall Equinox, the forecast showcasing transits for the trends in astrology September 2019 ask us to wide the waves of change and fluctuations. Through practice, stay connected to your true nature. Invite the lightning strikes of inspiration and continue to perform your dharmic duties without attachment to the results.

September 3-11

You may feel frustrations boiling over now as Mars is combust and Venus is burnt up and near debilitated, all at the same time. And this is happening in Leo, a sign of individuality. You may notice how your relationships are frustrating and the compromises you have to make in them do not feel worth it. It’s not too hard to ride this out, especially if you want to connect with more of your individual passions. Sexuality or other expressions of affection will be more prominently featured now.

September 13

The Full Moon is in Aquarius, bringing contrast to the Sun in Leo. This is where the king has to take care of all of their kingdom and the citizens in their world. Notice how you are not the center of attention, pay attention to how you might feel better when acting as a source of power for others. It’s this contrast that brings completion to the Leo principle and allows for your “Good King” persona to emerge. On this Full Moon, notice the consensus opinion that comes back to you from the others in your world.

This Full Moon happens in Purva Bhadra Nakshatra which is ruled by the image of the one-footed goat, and related to lightning striking the Earth. This is the lightning strike that gives us the spark of inspiration from beyond. It offers us an important glimpse of our true nature and provides a catalyst for our emerging spiritual development.

September 18

Saturn stops his retrograde motion in Sagittarius. We’ve been reflecting on our duties and commitments since April 30 when Saturn began this movement. The duties and commitments related to the Sagittarius themes are important now. What is inspiring you and leading you to something beyond your day-to-day existence? There has been a lot of free calibrating of your inspirations since late April. Over this time, we have seen a lot of our illusions shattered and our belief systems called into question, in all areas of life. Our personal, relational, and political belief systems have all shifted.

September 28

The Moon is new in Virgo today, which starts a 30-day cycle related to details, precision, and reflecting on the best ways to organize your life. Virgo energy allows you to arrange your personal kingdom sensibly. Virgo is motivated by service and humility, but also a sense of worry – particularly as you notice all of the details that need to be organized.

This New Moon happens in Hasta Nakshatra. Hasta refers to being ruled by “the hand,” which is connected to karma, actions, and your attachment to those actions. The best way to perform your duties is without attachment to the results. In this way, Hasta has to do with an open hand, not one squeezed tight.