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Carry-on Compliant Suggestions for Skin Care

Are you a frequent flyer looking to stay as healthy as possible and arrive at your destination with perfect skin and complexion?

Did you know when flying you are exposed to more harmful toxins than most places on land? Between the exposure to cosmic radiation during air travel, recirculated cabin air, passengers carrying viruses, bacteria cycling through aircrafts, and microbes building up on surfaces, our immune systems can be negatively impacted. Are you concerned?

It’s good to know there are some practices to support flying in the most healthy and pleasant ways that strengthen our immune systems, maintain the health and hydration of our skin, and can even help avert major jetlag.

While most people think the solution is to drink more water and stay hydrated when flying, and hydration is a key practice, there is much more to healthy travel than water alone. The main culprit in the air isn’t dehydration—it’s the microbial buildup and recycled polluted air which compromises our immune and nervous systems.

These factors can negatively affect our skin even on short flights, making us look tired and aged as we disembark.

In order to enjoy my flight and support my skin and overall health, I employ the following Ayurvedic techniques.

9 In-Flight Skin Care Practices

Face Mask for the Flight

I always use a face mask when I fly. I started doing this 25 years ago even before it became a trending Instagram practice.

Pro tip: Use a thick cotton reusable mask that you can wash, and change for every five hours of flying.

Spray Essential Oils

Spray disinfectant oils of tee tree or lemongrass on the outside of the mask.

You can use a small mister or even DIY with a few drops of essential oil in water in a carry on-friendly spray bottle. This can reduce the risk of airborne viruses entering the lungs. It also gives you your own personal pleasant aromatherapy experience, rather than breathing in the usual plane smell.

Cup fo Tea for Healthy Skin Practices

Sip on Tea

Drink herbal teas to support the nervous system.

Bring tea bags with you or fill up a mug of hot water at the airport or on the plane.

Herbs like chamomile and gotu kola help calm your mind and slow your breath.

When your breathing slows down, you’re taking fewer breaths of the plane’s recirculated air.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Drink immune-strengthening herbs such as ashwagandha, turmeric, or shatavari. A strong immune system can prevent or lessen physical and mental fatigue.

Prepare ahead of time by including these herbs in your daily routine to build your immune system for the upcoming flight.

Serums for Soft Skin

Use a few drops of almond oil or facial serum on the face. This will lubricate the skin without clogging the pores.

Lubricate to Protect the Sinuses

Apply two drops of sesame or almond oil in each nostril and gently rub into the sides of the nose. Lubricating the nostrils protects the sinuses and can even help lessen dry eyes since the nose and eyes are connected.

Soothe the Scalp

Rub a few drops of coconut or almond oil into the scalp. This is one of the best practices to stay hydrated and less nervous or tired while flying. A bit of oil on the scalp is calming to the nervous system.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drink more liquids. Hydration does matter. Choose filtered water or electrolyte-rich options rather than drinks filled with caffeine, alcohol, or refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Eat Less and Eat Well

Choose grounding foods that contain healthy oils and some warmth. Dry foods can be irritating. But if you don’t eat, the excess air element can contribute to feeling ungrounded. Choose wisely, even packing some healthy snacks in your carry-on bag.

Positive Vibrations to Your Final Destination

While there are many other helpful items to bring in your carry-on, these nine Ayurvedic practices can have a positive impact on your complexion—and your overall health—so you arrive at your final destination with vibrant energy. Happy flying.


National Ayurvedic Medical Association

Yogi Cameron will be speaking at the National Ayurvedic Medical Association Conference in April: ayurvedanama.org.

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