The New Shape of Soap

The Japanese holistic qi therapist Keiko Matsuo had childhood dreams of a career in medicine…traditional medicine that is. Instead Fate led her wandering a more homeopathic path to healing. As a youth navigating her parents’ chronic illnesses, massage therapy especially captured her curious mind. In a career spanning 30 years, from London to New York City and Los Angeles, Ms. Matsuo has amassed a loyal following who flock to her healing hands for their gentle, intuitive movement.

Studio Cue LA in Topanga is a natural extension of Matsuo’s lifelong vision and commitment to well being. She hatched GOLDA Soaps in this peaceful retreat outfitted with the photography and functional art of her husband Tsugu Wada. Visually stunning, the geometric shaped soaps are crafted from the finest, all natural ingredients. Rich with skin conditioners and elegant in their design, Ms. Matsuo has taken the concept of hand soap to a new level.