Kelsey Patel The Magic of Morning Routine

Kelsey Patel and the Magic of Morning Routine

No matter what type of sleeper you are or how much you love (or don’t love) mornings, everyone can agree that how you spend this time can impact the flow of the rest of your day. In my own life, I love bringing the elements of magic and intentional connections to my early hours. Here are some of my favorite tools and routines I’ve added over the years to bring magic not only as I awaken, but to my entire day.

Instead of Hitting the Snooze Button—Meditate

The moment I wake up, instead of jumping out of bed or even hitting the snooze button, I turn off my alarm and turn on my meditation. I lie in bed, place my hands on my heart, pay attention to my breath, and slowly begin the day by listening to a grounding and peaceful meditation.

My life is packed with responsibilities, so this morning practice helps set a powerful yet calm tone. After the meditation, I sit up in bed, take a few deep breaths, and gently stretch out my back; these stretches feel to me like a little greeting card to my body!

I begin to think about what lies ahead and set a few intentions for how I want to feel, give, and receive throughout the day. It can be simple: Just for today, I am ease and grace. Just for today, I am kind to myself and others. My intention for today is to have fun and feel peaceful. I am so excited and open to receive and share my gifts today.

From the Bathroom to the Kitchen

Once I feel that I’ve given myself the space and time to connect with the day and share my intentions, I start the rest of my morning routine. After tooth-brushing (I always remember my tongue scraper!), face washing, moisturizing, and getting dressed, I head to the kitchen. The very first thing I put in my body is alkaline water with fresh squeezed lemon. It’s amazing how this simple and consistent morning energizer can hydrate and alkalize the body. Of course, because I’m a coffee lover, alkalizing is an extra-necessary step to keep my body thriving and balanced. Next up, coffee time!

Kelsey Patel the Magic of Morning Routine

Kelsey Patel and the Magic of Morning Routine

Connecting over Coffee

As a married woman and entrepreneur, my days can be all over the place. So the morning time is precious to my husband and me. Almost every day we walk together to get coffee and deliberately leave our phones behind so we can connect, be silly, and just be with one another before the activity starts. When we return home, he prepares breakfast – either Greek yogurt with loads of superfood toppings or eggs and fruit – so we are nourished and ready to take on a new day. Twice a week, before breakfast, I work out with yoga, pure barre or some type of cardio. Those are my favorite days!

From Chaos to Calm

These added gifts to my morning routine have given me the ability to feel more peaceful, connected, and grounded. Changing my routine was not about changing who I am or being something other than me. It was about noticing what works for me. I now truly prefer to wake up early because I know I will feel better, and my day will be smoother. When I’m in the magic of my morning routine, I’m not always trying to catch up to the day, instead I’m simply guiding it.