CBD Education at Mosaic Wellness

Mosaic Wellness Shop of Valley Village is an uplifting and brightly illuminated storefront housing a pristinely organized and abundant apothecary of CBD education and CBD products. Everything contains  less than .3%, of THC intoxicants. The space includes a warm and soothing, intimate studio, allowing for small group classes that feature CBD use. (They have samples available to use before class.)

Owner Karin Clarke is both a Certified Integrative Health Coach (via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and a Certified Cannabis Coach (through the Holistic Cannabis Academy). Karin explains, “I call this Mosaic Wellness because it takes a lot of pieces to make our life whole and holistic. One of the things I wanted to bring to the world was information and education about CBD and other lifestyle medicine.”

CBD Education at Mosaic Wellness

At Mosaic Wellness, Karin says the team specializes in different health modalities and knows both the benefits of and contraindications for CBD. She says, “CBD reduces inflammation, reduces anxiety, and helps relaxation. CBD and yoga are connected. When you are spiritually connected and grounded…it brings abundance of health, wealth [and] centeredness. Our mission is to create the ripple effect of peace and wellness.”

The business caters to everyone. Karin wants people who are new to CBD to know that, “Its non-psychoactive, body-balancing and can create homeostasis.” Mosaic Manager Michelle Castro has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is a Certified Addiction Specialist. They offer the perspective of sobriety in non-psychoactive CBD use. “CBD is not counter to a life of sobriety,” Karin says. “We offer solutions to the sober community, as well as anyone that isn’t hip to entering a cannabis store for whatever reason.”

Mosaic offers a full range of tinctures, topicals, and edibles infused with CBD. You can also find an array of natural skincare, soaps, and lotions. Discover savory coffee and tea. Check out the superfood medicinal mushrooms. Peruse and shop Karin’s carefully selected array of natural products for your home. Participate in color meditation, Reiki with sound healing, sound baths and restorative yoga. Learn more about CBD at Mosaic Wellness’ FREE CBD 101 intro class.

Reiki and Sound Healing

The Tuesday night Reiki with Sound Healing experience is facilitated by Rabiah Troncelliti, a Reiki Master and sound healer. The aim of the class is “To guide clients to their subconscious mind” [with] “the use of sound, scent, and healing touch…all while clearing the energetic debris from the physical and auric bodies.”

At the Tuesday night Reiki and Sound Healing, Karin Clarke inspires confidence. She offers science-backed information regarding CBD to those new to its use. Karin explains the body’s own endocannabinoid system and its role in maintaining the body’s homeostasis. Sh has a number of research studies and articles from a variety of peer-reviewed journals that are ready to offer anyone. Samples of a sublingual CBD are offered and there is a choice of flavors to suit various tastes.

CBD Products at Mosaic Wellness

The Studio at Mosaic Wellness Shop

The intimate studio is calming and set at a comfortable temperature. There is a sense of belonging as Karin and Rabiah help students arrange mats, bolsters, and blankets for maximum comfort. We are invited to lie back and close our eyes as we are guided into a pranayama of even inhale to exhale. Rabiah’s voice and vivid imagery are transporting.

The essential oils (including: cedar, sandalwood, frankincense, and lavender) combined with Reiki are healing. Then add in the sound elements of tuning forks, singing bowls, shakers, drums, and chimes to create a subtle, yet powerful, full body and spirit experience. The cumulative effect is like a deeply satisfying massage. As each element is introduced, the body is engaged in various physical sensations. These may include tingling, vibrating, pulsating, and softening in the skin and muscles as well as in the very sense of self.

After the enjoyment of being transported through an immersion of sound, the shop is available for the purchase of almost any CBD product you can imagine. Karin and the team are available to guide your choices.

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