Urban Sweat Lodge - Shape House LA
Have you ever wondered what sweating really does to our bodies? Other than creating the need to shower, perspiration regulates our bodies in multiple ways: helping us to release toxins, improve the glow of our skin, assist in weight loss, encourage destressing, and relaxing our minds. When you look at it that way, sweating is cool. Sophie Chiche, owner of Shape House LA in Larchmont Village, Pasadena, and now Santa Monica, is the first to agree.

The Santa Monica location of Shape House LA is a welcoming cottage that houses a vibrantly colored day spa featuring the art of sweating through a deeply detoxifying infrared sauna experience. Upon arrival, you will instantly feel relaxed by the spa’s overall ambiance. The friendly staff greets you and then sets you up with comfortable clothing and alkaline water. Once inside the room, you are escorted to a personal sleeping bag bed, equipped with a personal TV. The sweat lasts an hour: for the first 30 minutes, it feels simply like a warm bed; during the second half hour, you’ll feel your heart rate pick up. When it is over, you’ll be soaked and refreshed. Linger in the meditation room with a cup of tea and relax.

Shape House
1003 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Kimberly Saracino is a 200-hour RYT and actress living in the North Hollywood area.