Organic Menstrual Products

Photo Courtesy of the Flex Company

The following organic, natural, and toxin-free brands include manufacturers and distributors of underwear, liners, pads, tampons, cups, and discs. Cutting-edge designs include the use of body-safe, technologies that emphasize comfort, security and sustainability. Obtaining these organic menstrual products is made even easier with the proliferation of subscription services that offer home delivery. Furthermore, companies with a social conscience are integrating ways to give back and pay it forward around the world.

Less mess. Less waste. More options to help not only yourself but the planet.

BFF Period Undies

Founded by Grace SooHoo, Simple Necessit-EASE has been making period undies since 2004. These comfortable and fashionable leak-proof pairs of underwear are made with three ways of soft absorbent technology. The extra layer of protection offers a back-up to keep you from leaking through your clothing while using other feminine hygiene items. They provide soft (made from cotton) secure coverage and peace of mind.




Ethically sourced, organically grown cotton serve as the material in tampons (with and without applicators). You can also add organic cotton liners and/or body cloths to monthly subscriptions. The Cora Fearless Necklace is a statement piece that does more than look good; it holds a single Cora Applicator Free Tampon, and the purchase price provides a year of pads to a girl in Kenya. An 18-pack of applicator free tampons is also included with purchase. Free trials and Signature Kits with are available for this monthly subscription service.


DivaCup - Organic Menstrual Products


Mother and daughter team Francine and Carinne Chambers designed The DivaCup to be reusable, comfortable, convenient to clean, and easy to insert and remove. It is made from healthcare-grade silicone and is free of questionable ingredients such as latex, BPA, phthalates, and others. Two sizes accommodate women of different ages who may or may not have had children. DivaWash is made from plant-based ingredients that are safe for your body and for cleaning the cup.


LOLA - Organic Menstrual Products


Lola offers customized assortments of tampons, pads, and liners made with organic cotton and without toxins, dyes, or synthetics. You can choose tampons with BPA-free compact applicators or cardboard applicators with a curved tip. Tailor your subscription with a variety of items to meet your specific needs. Lola partners with the nonprofit initiatives Support the Girls, Simply the Basics, and Distributing Dignity to donate feminine care products to homeless shelters and low-income women and girls across the US.



In 1989, Natracare founder Susie Hewson watched a documentary that revealed the dangers of dioxin pollution from the chlorine bleaching of paper and pulp products, including those found in feminine hygiene products. This inspired Natracare’s commitment to selling certified organic tampons and chlorine-free pads and panty liners. Natracare offers pads, tampons, and liners with different levels of absorbency; their product line has expanded to include maternity and incontinence items, as well as wipes.


OI - Organic Initiative Menstrual Products

OI: Organic Initiative

Based in New Zealand, made in Europe, and sold around the world, OI values transparency, honesty, and integrity. The boxes proudly declare slogans such as “Zero Waste, Period” (for the menstrual cups), “Revolution in a Box” and “Pure Inside, Nothing to Hide.” OI’s products include tampons (with and without applicators), pads, liners, and menstrual cups. They are committed to social responsibility in all of their practices, including manufacturing and packaging. Subscriptions are available.


SHE. - Organic Menstrual Products


Three sisters: Lauren Carletta (registered nurse), Kim Lambert (doctor of physical therapy), and Lindsay Aschtiani (certified financial planner) started their company to offer the products they wanted to buy. What are they? Organic cotton tampons with an ultra-thin BPA-free applicator. Choose a box of 18 or 32 tampons in sizes little, regular, and super to be delivered to your door monthly.


The Flex Company - Organic Menstrual Products

The Flex Company

Flex is a tampon alternative that lasts up to 12 hours. This disposable menstrual disc is made from a medical-grade polymer blend without latex, silicone, BPA, or phthalates. Its shape sits in the vaginal canal differently from tampons or cups, and one of its advantages is that you can wear it for mess-free period sex. Available by subscription.


THINX - Organic Menstrual Products


This specially designed underwear to wear during periods is available in sizes xxs-3xl to accommodate a variety of body types. The range of styles include: hi-waist, thong, leotard, hiphugger, boyshort, brief, bikini, sport, and even training short. Depending on your flow, they can serve as a backup to prevent leaking or even a substitute for other products. The high-tech multi-layer design is anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant.


THIS IS L - Organic Menstrual Products

This is L

With creative packaging, and products free of synthetics, fragrances, and dyes, This is L delivers a variety of different absorbency of organic tampons and chlorine free pads. For every pad purchased, one is donated to a girl in need in a developing country so that they can still go to school even when they have their period. And if you need more than just menstrual products delivered, This is L also offers a condom club.