Justin Silver’s Top 7 Pooch Products

When it comes to dog products, I feel like I’ve tried them all and can sum up most of my experience in four ways: 1. Disappointing, as in never again. 2. If they had only done-this-or-added-that, it would have been great. 3. Good, solid product, and 4. Use it and never lose it. Here are a few that made it into my rotation and never left:

Four Paws Tension Gate

1. Four Paws tension gate

Sturdy, adjustable, no drilling, and not terrible to look at.

2. Kong Toys

Made of nearly indestructible rubber (I said nearly). Fill with food, even freeze with food, hand over to your waiting pup, and enjoy some free time while your dog works this great treat.

3. Ruffwear Safety Beacon Light

Bright lights help you see your dog in the dark (and they blink, too).

4. Black Diamond Rock Climbing Carabiner

Clip this to the leash and then to your belt for a tethered, super secure walking experience.


5. PAWZ Rubber Dog Boots

A boot that is ice, snow, salt, lawn chemical, hot surface, and water proof, and allows a dog’s feet to move freely inside? A winner.

6. Bio-degradable poop bags

Watch Addicted to Plastic, then use these to clear your conscience.

7. Tuffy’s Mega Ring Dog Toy

A great tug toys that floats, is machine washable, and made tough, but still soft enough for a dog’s mouths and my hands.


Leading dog expert Justin Silver is the co-author of The Language of Dogs, founder of the charity, Funny For Fido, former host of the CBS’ series Dogs In The City, and TV veteran. He currently lives in LA where he helps run his bi-coastal dog care company, also named The Language of Dogs. Instagram/Twitter/Facebook @IamJustinSilver